Never Ignore these 6 Signs, Before Silent Heart Attack

Generally, the first symptom of heart attack is irritation or pain, but this does not happen at all in the Silent Heart Attack. When a person has a problem with the Silent Heart Attack, then there is no pain of any kind in the chest. The patient does not know what is happening in this disease. So it becomes difficult to recognize it. If it is not treated at the right time and its treatment is not treated then it can be a serious problem. We will tell you about some of the symptoms of the Silent Heart Attack, which are very important to recognize and treat it. Do this in minutes with heart attack cure.

Signs of Silent Heart Attack-

1-Feeling sudden weakness
2-Feeling Lightness in head
3-Throat jaw and left hand pain
4-Sudden cold sweating
5-Problems in breathing

Causes of Silent Heart Attack-

1-Eating more oily food
2-Do not do physical activity
3-Drinking alcohol and cigarette
4-Diabetes and Obesity
5-Stress and tension

Ways to Avoid Silent Heart Attack-

1-Add more salads and vegetables to your diet.
2-Take a break and exercise.
3-Avoid cigarette alcohol and drugs.
4-Always keep yourself happy and stay away from tension.
5-From time to time, do medical checkups.

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