Never do these 10 mistakes it can damage your hair

Everyone wants to have black, long, dense and beautiful hair, but often unknowingly, we make some mistakes that make hair loss. What are 10 mistakes and how to avoid them, let’s know.

1) Using excessive conditioner-

Most people make this mistake, because they think that the more conditioners will apply, the hair will be as soft and smooth as possible, while this is not so. Apply conditioner according to hair length and volume. Another mistake here is that the conditioner should be applied as shampoo i.e. from the roots towards the ends, while the conditioner should be applied only on the ends of the hair, not in the roots.

2) Choosing the wrong shampoo-

Your scalp is dry or oily, your hair is dry or oily, you have a problem of dandruff, hair color or hair is getting too much damaged … keeping these things in mind should buy shampoo only.

3) combing wet hair-

If you love your hair, do not forget to comb them in wet hair even after forgetting. By doing so, they become weak and break down. Rubbing wet hair does not dry up, but dry and dry it with light hands. After washing the hair, comb it with a wide bristles comb.

4) Do not trim hair-

Regularly trimming the hair, not only is their look and feel good but also gets rid of both hair. Both grow their hair due to hair growth, so all hair experts recommend regular hair trimming, so that your hair should remain healthy and shiny. Normally trim hair should be done in 10-12 weeks.

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5) combing frequently-

It is believed that there should be 100 strokes in everyday hair, but it also depends on whether or not you are successfully combing hair, because if you do dry hair repeatedly, then it must be sure Cracking By repeated combing, they have more friction than they need, due to which they get damaged. Applying light oil before hair is best for hair.

6) Styling in wet hair-

Most people think that before hair is completely dry, they should be styled, so they use curler or flat iron, while this should not be done at all. Experts say that by doing this, you dry your hair, causing hair to be damaged and dull.

7) To do more chemical treatments-

The more you keep the hair healthy, the stronger and the shiny will remain. Chemical treatments do hair damage, so make hair color, but avoid excessive chemical treatments.

8) Excessive use of styling products-

Many people use more styling products than they need to enhance the beauty of hair. Doing so does not require the use of styling products as the hair gets very damaged by doing this.

9) Tight peak while sleeping-

Many people think that tying a tight top of hair while sleeping is right for hair, but it is not entirely accurate. Straining from tying a tight peak while sleeping can break the hair, so avoid doing so.

10) Wearing wet hair with towel-

Rubbing wet hair with towels can lead to hair loss and hair loss. Instead of rubbing wet hair with towels, lightly press them. Also let hair dry in a natural way.

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