Navratri Fast Special 4 Dishes Recipe

Navaratri has started. There are many people who fast for 9 days during this period. Some of them only make fruits, but those who eat rock salt in addition to fruits during fasting, we have brought for them the top 5 dishes that you can eat after eating lunch or dinner at any time-

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Potato Halwa-

Potato Halwa is the most famous Indian sweet, which is usually eaten in the days of fast. If you or someone in your house has kept a fast for Navratri then you can also make it very easy and the Tasty recipes-

Potato 4 (medium size), sugar one quarter cup, ghee 2 teaspoons, fresh cream 2 teaspoons, cardamom powder half teaspoon

First, boil the potatoes and mash it well.
Now heat the ghee in a pan and put the mashed potatoes in it.
Cook the potatoes on medium flame until the ghee starts leaving.
Put sugar and cream in this mixture and keep stirring till sugar is mixed well in the potato.
Pudding is ready. Heat hot with cardamom powder and garnish hot.

Sago tikki-

Sago 500 gm, oil one and a half cup, boiled potato 2, green chilli 3, coriander leaves half cup, rock salt, red chilli powder half teaspoon, peanut half cup

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Wash Sago thoroughly and soak it in water for 2 to 3 hours. Boil potatoes on the other side. When the sago is well drained and slightly blossomed, remove it from the water and filter it.

Take a boiled potato in a big pot and mash it well. Now add roasted peanuts, finely chopped green chillies, coriander leaves, red chili powder, rock salt and roasted sago.

Now put pan on the gas and heat it well after adding oil in it.

Make a small tikki of sago and potato mixture and fry it in oil till it becomes golden and crisp.

Serve hot sago tikkias with curd

Spicy potato-

Potato 4 to 5, mint powder, a small spoon, thick grind red chilli, ketu flour – two small spoons rock salt Oil-frying.

First, peel the potatoes and cut it into thick and thin pieces. Wash and clean it by changing it to two-three water.

Now let it soak in cold ice water for one and a half hours. Then filter it out and spread it on clothes for some time.

Sprinkle the lightly knife dough on it and put it in hot oil and deep fry till light golden.

Now add rock salt, thick gram red chilies, mint powder on it. It is also healthy with instant hunger deletion.

Beetroot salad-

Beetroot salad is very special for Tasty and Healthy recipes which you can eat even during Navratri fast during normal days. This recipe is also good for those going to the office.

Beetroot 4, Mint leaf 5, Fresh cream 80 grams, Mustard paste 1 teaspoon, Almond 4, Rock salt pinch, Fill pepper pinch, Parsley 4

First boil the beetroot and then cut it into medium size. Wash the mint leaves thoroughly and cut them finely.

Now mix chopped beet, mint, fresh cream, mustard paste and almonds in a bowl.

Mix it with salt and pepper powder. Serve cold and cold by decorating with parsley.

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