Multani mitti use will brighten your skin and hair

The use of multani mitti shows your beauty. But do you know how to use it? If you use it correctly, you can get far better results. It is very beneficial in cleaning the face as well as cleaning it. So let us know how to use multani mitti .

Multani mitti use for skin-

1. Mix Rose water and multani mitti  and Put the paste on the face till it gets dry. Applying this paste cleans the extra oils on the face.
2. Put some almond pieces in the multani mitti and mix some quantity of milk in it. Applying it on the face will keep the face soft and also clean.

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3. Grind some peanut leaves in the mixer. Add some curd and multani mitti  in it. Applying this paste  and  removes facial scars.
4. Mix one spoon tomato juice in sandalwood powder. Now, mix it in multani mitti and prepare the paste. Applying this paste on the face stains the stains.

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5. Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon pulp of papaya and one to two drops of honey in multani soil. Applying this paste will frighten the face.

Multani mitti use for hair-

1. Cleanses the hair
Multani mitti is a light and effective clencher that removes impurities from your hair. It creates an ideal hair pack for people with oily hair because it helps to clean your hair without drying natural oils. People sometimes use multani mitti as an alternative to commercial shampoo.

2. Improve hair growth
Applying Mulani mitti helps improve your blood circulation in your roots so that the hair starts growing rapidly.

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3. Conditioning
Multani mitti conditioned them by providing nutrition and moisture to the hair. It also fixes the damage done in the hair and makes them healthy.

4. Remove dandruff and eczema
Regular use of Mulani mitti in the hair keeps your roots healthy and problems like dandruff and eczema do not enclose you.

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5. Remove oxic substances and dirt
Due to efficiency like cleenzer, Multani helps in the removal of toxic substances and dirt.


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