Mulethi Hair Care: Use Mulethi for hair problem and get amazing benefits

Mulethi benefits For Hair Health : Everyone wants to have long, thick and shiny hair. But due to dust, soil and lack of nutrition, hair problems start happening. Sometimes hair fall and weakening of hair can also be due to hair products. People use expensive products to make their hair long and shiny, which can also be harmful for them. Actually, hair needs as much nutrition as it needs to keep the body healthy. It is said that your face reveals the secret of your health. Of course, whatever we eat and drink has a direct effect on our face. Similarly, a healthy diet is also very important for the health of the hair. If you are also troubled by the problem of falling, dry lifeless hair, then you can get rid of this problem by adopting some home remedies. So let us tell you today about one such home remedy that can help in keeping your hair healthy.

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Know How to use Mulethi (liquorice) to keep hair healthy :

For hair fall problem:

If you are troubled by the problem of falling hair, then you can consume liquorice and apply it. For this you take 1/2 tsp liquorice powder, 3 tsp amla powder, 3 tsp henna powder, 1/2 tsp mustard oil or you can also take coconut oil if you want. Make a paste by mixing all these things and keep it in an iron vessel for overnight. Apply this paste on the hair in the morning, after drying wash the hair with shampoo. This will also give shine to your hair and hair can also be saved from weakening and falling.

For white hair problem:

In today’s time, the problem of white hair is seen a lot in the youth. The reason for this can also be the lack of nutrition and the use of chemical products in the hair. To prevent graying of hair, take 3 tsp mustard oil, 1 tsp liquorice powder, 1 tsp amla powder. Mix all these things well and apply it well on the roots of the hair, then shampoo the hair after at least 40 minutes, this can prevent hair from turning white.

To make hair long:

Who does not like long, thick and shiny hair, but this dream of many people remains incomplete. If you also want to get long hair, then liquorice can help you. You do not have to do much to prepare a pack of liquorice, for that you have to prepare a paste of 1 small bowl of curd, 1 tsp liquorice powder, half a banana, 2 spoons of henna powder and apply it in the hair for at least 30 minutes. Wash the hair after. With this, your lifeless hair can be made long, shiny and strong.

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9 Effective benefits of Mulethi –

  • In general, Liquorice benefits the body when eaten in limited quantities, but if you are suffering from high BP, sugar, kidney, heart or liver related diseases, then liquorice should not be consumed without medical advice.
  • Excessive consumption of liquorice can cause problems like headache, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, swelling, trouble in breathing.
  • Eating too much liquorice can cause potassium deficiency in the body. People who suffer from urinary problems should also consume it consciously.
  • Liquorice benefits in many diseases, one of them is arthritis. Liquorice is rich in antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Which helps in reducing pain and swelling.
  • Liquorice is considered a panacea for sore throat. If you are having cold or cough. If there is a sore throat, then sucking liquorice gives relief in the problem of cough.
  • If you have problems related to eyes and the eyes remain red along with burning sensation in it, then liquorice is beneficial in this.
  • Liquorice contains flavonoids. It helps in improving our digestive system. Along with this, regular consumption of liquorice also helps in reducing weight.
  • In the case of bad breath coming from the mouth, using liquorice is very beneficial.
  • Liquorice is also very beneficial for skin problems. Many antioxidants are found in it.

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. TUBER TIP does not claim responsibility for this information.
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