Access databases and excel spreadsheets although originally very different, have evolved to have similar functions.
Although either type of program can do many, but not all, of the things that the other one does, there are some things which are easier in one program than the other.
Excel is not database management system.Excel spreadsheets store data in rows and columns called worksheets. the areas within the worksheet where the rows and columns intersect are called cells. the most common use of spreadsheets is to manage basic information such as telephone numbers, employee names, financial data, calculations,etc.
Access stores data in tables that look similar to worksheets but function quite differently.Tables, the foundation of all relation databases function both independently and interdependently with other tables to allow the
database user to combine data from multiple sources and analyze and/ or report information in almost limitless ways.


> MS ACCESS is a relational database management system (RDBMS).
> THE default extension of access is. mdb (MICROSOFT DATABASE).
> THE MS ACCESS toolbar changes, depending on which type of database object your are working with.
> When you creating a database, you save it. whenever you enter a record,MS ACCESS automatically saves your work.
> TO enter data open the table in datasheet view.THE datasheet view enables you to enter, view and edit several records at a time. it also displays many records on your screen.
> while working with tables, two views are available: DESIGN AND DATASHEET.
> NAVIGATION BUTTONS are the buttons that let you navigate the table.
> FIELD description for field is displayed on the status bar as you select each field.
> TO copy a record, select it and choose edit>copy.
> TO delete the record, select the records(s) you want to delete, select edit>delete records.
> TO save a table, select file>save.