Mother’s Day 2018 Messages

1-You are best mom in the world,
no word in this world ,
can express your love.
I love you Mom Happy Mother’s Day….!!


2-World’s best relation is mother and baby
As we grow old we changed but mother
loves never, thank you
so much mom for loving me
Happy Mother’s Day….!!


3-Whenever there is pain
only Mom came out of
from mouth. I love you a lot
Happy Mother’s Day Mom….!!


4-Thousands of flowers should make a wreath,
Thousands of drops need to make the sea,
But “mother” alone is enough
to make the lives of children like heaven .. !!
Happy Mother’s Day…. !!


5-The world of my love
The sky of my ground
Happiness of my lips
Everything , Everywhere
My Mom, I Love you
Happy Mother’s Day… !!


6-I travel easily on hard roads
It seems to me the effect of mother’s love
My mother did not sleep
When I said I am afraid.
Happy Mother’s Day…. !!!


7-First teacher of life is mother,
Life’s First Friend is mother,
Happy Mother’s Day.. !!!

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