Most Cutest Kid of Bollywood then Taimur and Abram

Now seeing the popularity of star kids in Bollywood, the new stars and their relation children are now seen in front of the camera.

Now seeing the popularity of star kids in Bollywood, the children of new stars and their relationship have started appearing in front of the camera. On the social media, pictures and videos of the most famous star Kid Timur remain viral. On the other hand pictures of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Abram and sons of single parent Tusshar Kapoor, who were made through Sargogi, are also viral. Another star star among the star kids has come in front of the media. Actress Kangana Ranaut, who is also known as the Queen of Bollywood, has brought a baby in her lap in front of the camera.

Kangana is no child, but her nephew Prithviraj Chandel is in the lap. The earth is seen to be extremely innocent and cute. In the lap of Kangana, as soon as the cameramenes started flashing their flash, they also got a pose in a cute fashion. The face of innocence and curtness was very visible from the face of the earth.


Please tell that Kangana often keeps posting photos with the Earth on her social account. Kangna is quite close to her nephew, because in her family several years later a child was born. Kangana likes to spend time with the nephews in the free time.


Let’s say Kangana’s next upcoming film, ‘Manikarnika’ will be shot in which she is still busy and this film is expected to be released in August this year. The last two Kangana films did not work well at the box office. ‘Rangoon’ and ‘Simran’ proved to be a flop at cinemas. However, last year, he got a lot of headlines from a TV interview on the Hrithik Roshan controversy.

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