Men’s 7 Major Health Problems

At 50, men may also have many other diseases. This article is being told about some such diseases which may occur after 50 years of age….keep care of your health after Age 50.

Heart disease-

According to the National Heart Association report, men over 50 years of age have increased risk of heart disease by 40 percent. In this age blood vessels become narrow and hard. The plaque is accumulated on their walls and affects the blood flow to the heart.

Erectile dysfunction-

Men over 50 years of age have an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Men’s sexual activity decreases on aging. The main reason for this is that blood flow is not properly formed in the body. Other causes include diabetes, hypertension, medicines, etc.


Hernia is said to come out of the stomach due to the weakness of the muscle of the special part of the thigh. However, this problem occurs in both men and women, but in men the hernia of the lower abdomen is found more. This problem is seen more especially after the age of fifty years.


According to the National Association of Health, depression is a mental problem occurring in males above 50 years. Most men in this age start getting depressed. For this, changes in activity, erectile dysfunction, degradation of work and changes in the perspectives of the people around are responsible. Depression should be stopped at its earliest stage or else it can take serious form.

Colon cancer-

The third largest cancer in the United States, there is also another major reason for cancer deaths. The large intestine is affected in colon cancer. Growth of Belgaum cells becomes tumor in the way of defecation. With the defecation, this tumor begins to peel, which leads to blood and there is also a lack of blood in the person.

Cardiovascular disease-

Cholesterol can occur in any part of the body. It can also cause heavy damage to the kidneys including heart attacks, stroke and lower body part. These types of diseases are known as Doctor Cardiovascular Disease. The main reasons for this are diabetes, overweight, hypertension, cholesterol levels, not exercise and excessive smoking. According to the United States-based Department of Health Connecticut, men over 50 years of age have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.


Osteoporosis is a disease associated with bones; bones become weak in it. Men are more prone to osteoporosis compared to the age of 40 in 50 years. Calcium can prevent the problem of osteoporosis. Calcium helps in forming ‘bone-mass’ and also reduces the effect of osteoporosis. A person of fifty years or more should consume at least 1200 milligrams of calcium per day.

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