Mira gave Birth to son, Shahid Meera family was complete

Son born on Wednesday night in Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput’s house. This is the second child of the actor. Earlier, his 1 daughter Meisha There is a continuation of the arrival of Mira Rajput and newborn baby recruited at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. For the second time grandfather Nilima Azim expressed her happiness in one of her interviews.

Shahid Kapoor’s mother Nilima said, “The family of my eldest son Shahid is now complete. My daughter-in-law, Meera, is a wonderful, brave and strong in the whole process of becoming a mother.She says, now Mishra has got a brother and his nephew ishaan kachu. The family will soon decide on the name of Shahid’s son.

“Congratulation to Mira-Shahid kapoor”

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