Make Shaving Cream from Olive Oil

You can also use olive oil for shaving. Even though you are looking at this measure as a little bit awkward, you should also try to adopt this new process. After applying olive oil, you will have dry skin and the risk of cutting and bleaching is not there. It also gives your skin the most benefit. Let’s see how olive oil can be used for shaving.

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Olive ail and a good razor


You do not need to wet your face with water to shovel with olive oil. Insert a little olive oil into one cup and with help fingers, apply well on your face. Put a lot of oil on the place where there is more hair.

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  • The best advantage of making a shave from olive oil is that the skin or spots on your skin are easily visible in it. Because of which you can be a little careful when making a beard. The skin is not properly visible by putting shaving foam, which is why you give yourself wounds only.
  • It is seen that the shaving razor starts to burn the skin and the razor burns. But using olive oil gives the skin moisture, so that the razor is not burnt nor the skin cuts.
  • Blazes of razor blades smoothly on olive oil, which shaves comfortably. Olive oil makes the skin soft and soft, causing your skin to become frozen.
  • Apart from this, olive oil shaving is very cheap compared to foam. Neither any kind of chemical is found in it or there is no reaction after using it.

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