Make cloves Oil at Home & Get Rid of Mouth Stench & Cavity

Cavity is a big problem in teeth. Due to the acids present in the mouth, the teeth of the teeth begin to empty. Dental series or cavities are produced. Bacteria that are present in the mouth begin to accumulate on the surface of the teeth due to bacteria that cause swelling in the roots of the tooth or in the gums.

Clove oil-

Along with clove cavity, there is panacea for problems associated with any type of tooth. Due to anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties, cloves prevent clove pain and spread of cavity. Take two or three drops of clove oil in 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil after the problem. Take this mixture into the cotton bowl before sleeping and apply it in the affected tooth. With this cravity away, it will also get rid of mouth odor.


According to a study published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Natural Products, rooted root in the womb helps keep the teeth healthy. Anti-bacterial properties present in Moultree helps prevent the development of cavity due to bacteria. Apart from this, it also helps to reduce the herb plock. Use brushwood root powder to brush teeth regularly. Apart from this, you can use the Muthali’s steak to brush the toothbrush.

Oil pulping-

Oil pulping is a very old recipe that reduces cavity as well as removes bleeding gums and breath odor. At the same time, it helps to clean the harmful bacteria responsible for various types of dental problems. For this, keep one teaspoon of sesame oil in the mouth. Then spit it in the mouth for 20 minutes. But avoid avoiding swallowing it. Then wash your mouth with lukewarm water. Use salt water to get antimicrobial benefits. Then brush your teeth as usual. Immerse this measure empty every morning. This remedy can also be done with sunflower or coconut oil.

3 types of cavity-

1- Such cavities are found in the teeth at the top of teeth or among the teeth. Usually found in children or adults.
2- As the age increases, the root cause of the teeth starts removing the gums, due to which the bacteria present in the root of the teeth begin to come in contact with the food particles and since the teeth are not indigestible, then they start rotting quickly are there.
3-The plaque starts to form around the parts of the tooth that is filling or Crowning, due to which the teeth often develop malfunction.


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