Make Besan Laddus in Diwali -Besan Laddus Recipe

Today we will tell you the recipe of Besan Laddu, Besan Laddus is delicious in eating and it is also very easy to make. You can easily make Besan laddus in your home. So, what are you thinking about, immediately note the method of making Besan laddus and try it today. We are absolutely sure that you will certainly like the recipe of Besan Laddu.

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Ingredients :

Gram flour – 500 grams,
Sugar – 500 grams,
Ghee- 400 grams,
Milk- 01 teaspoons,
Cardamom – 8-9 nos,
Cashews – 02 teaspoons,
Water -13/4 cups.

How to make Besan laddus-

First, take a slightly thick powdered gram flour for making gram flour and then filter it. After this, heat the ghee in the embroidery. Once the ghee is warmed, add gram flour in it and fry the gram flour, stirring continuously

In a little while, the color of the gram flour will become golden brown and it will start to produce sweet smell. When this happens, take a spoonful of water and put it in its splash gram flour. This will foam in the gram flour and then it will become grainy. This will also reduce the taste of gram flour. When the foaming of the gram flour is finished, turn off the gas and let it cool.

As the gram flour is cooling, peel the cardamom and grind its granules and take the cashew nuts fine. To make laddus you can also put sugar in the gram flour, add it to grind it or even add sugar to it. Since the laddoos are made delicious by adding thick gram flour, so first we make a buura, after which the process of making laddoos will go forward.

To make a sugar solution, add four-and-a-half cup (1 3/4) cup of water to sugar in a bowl and keep it running in the gas. When the sugars begin to boil, put milk in it. Remove the dirt floating above the milk and cook it for 7-8 minutes. So far the collision will come in the condition of solidification.

Now turn off the gas and take the milk out of the gas and keep aside and mix a small spoon of ghee in sugar syrup and let it cool down. On cooling, the sugar solution will be converted into bada.

After making Grainy, cool the gram flour. When the gram flour is cooled, add the pieces of potato, ground cardamom and cashew nuts in it and make a well-made laddoos.

The method of making your griddle made of laddus was complete. Now your delicious gram laddoo Besan ke Ladoo is ready. If you wish, then keep them hot or hot in the air tight bracket for 1 month.


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Poonam Sahay
Poonam Sahay

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