Do you Know? – 12 Great Magical Benefits Of Avocado

Special feature of avocado that there is no cholesterol and sodium in it, and saturated fat are also very low. It contains a substantial amount of potassium, which is about 14 percent of our daily requirement. And because of the abundant source of potassium, it protects us from high blood pressure which is one of the main causes of heart diseases and is also healthy for the kidneys.


1. For the heart-
Avocado contains Sitosterol, with continuous intake, the amount of cholesterol is controlled and the heart remains healthy.

2. For the eyes-
Lutein and Zeaxanthin nutrients are found in avocado, which is extremely important for the health of our eyes.

3. Beneficial in Osteoporosis-
Avocado contains vitamins which are vitamin C and calcium over shadow. Osteoporosis benefits from it.

4. Beneficial in cancer-
Avocado protects against pancreatic and cervical cancer.

5. Good for Baby Health-
The eating of avocado reduces the possibility of miscarriage. In addition, in the womb, the children get all the nutrients that the child is healthy.

6. Relief in Depression
Avocado is found in serotonin (Feel Good Hormone) which prevents depression.

7.Immune System-
Glucathione is found in avocado which strengthens the immune system.

8. Sugar relief-
Avocado treats blood sugars as it contains mono-saturated fat.

9. Blood Pressure Control-
Potassium is found in avocado which keeps blood pressure in control from its consumption.

10. Beneficial in digestive action-
Even favors in avocado are in a fair amount, which cures digestive problems.

11. Skin-
Vitamin C and E present in avocado nourishes the skin, causing the skin to glow naturally.

12. Baldness-
Applying avocado with coconut milk in the hair eliminates baldness.


Other benefits-
1-It is also anti aging fruit. It does not show the effect of age on skin due to its intake.
2-More than all the fruit is found in protein avocado which retains moisturizers in the skin.
3-Avocado can be eaten as a salad or as a fruit daily.
4-It keeps the hormone balance in the body.

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