Lose weight without exercising and yoga ( Full Plan to Reduce Fat)

There are about 50 percent people in the world who are obese, who are getting over dieting, they are eating more and more food, this is the biggest problem, due to which many types of diseases also arise, in this article we will suggest a Easy and Healthy diet Plan that will help you in reducing your obesity. lets start

What to do to Reduce Obesity- (6 Tips to Reduce Fat)

If you want to lose weight without exercise and yoga, then you have to change the way you eat and drink, so that you can lose weight.

Morning routine (6AM to 8AM)-

First of all, whenever you wake up in the morning, after that if you have drink tea with milk or eat anything sweet, then change the habit soon, in the morning you wake up, drink Lukewarm water (Lukewarm water best for skin & health) with lemon ( Benefits of Lemon Water) , it will also improve your immunity. and help you to overcome the problem of constipation and acidity in the stomach, after this, drink green tea instead of tea if you drink green tea, green tea is full of antibacterial properties. Helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It has low caffeine content, but if you don’t like drinking green tea, you can also drink milk tea without sugar or black tea, sprouted grains. Many types of nutrients are found in sprouted grains. And it is full of anti-oxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E. Anti-oxidant improves immunity.

Break Fast Time (9AM – 11AM)

In break fast, if you eat bread, sandwiches, Paratha etc., then you need to change it a little too. Eat as much as you are hungry, but avoid eating oily, or Maida or spicy food, take some juice in it. You can eat fruits, if you like bread then you can eat Wheat bread multigrain bread, boiled egg, milk, porridge, oats, muesli etc. if You want to look with good figure and attractive appearance It takes a little bit of hard work.

Lunch Time ( 12PM – 2PM)-

In lunch, you should eat simple homemade food, Roti, lentils, rice, salad with lunch is most important. You should eat more salad, food should not be too spicy or oily, don’t eat outside food. If you can’t control, then keep one day in the week, on which day you can eat outside food, but you should control as much as possible so that you can lose weight fast. , If you leave the grains completely, instead of roti rice, you eat sprouted grains like gram, mung khichdi, fruits like papaya, watermelon, nasal, pomegranate etc. or Salad, stop eating sugar , you can eat sweet fruits. And do not use more salt in food.

Evening snack ( 3PM – 5PM)-

Boiled potatoes or boiled egg with black pepper powder and light salt, dried fruits such as cashew almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, melon seeds etc. eat fruits like guava, pomegranate, orange, litchi, watermelon, pear Fruits like plums, bananas, pineapples etc. will be better for you, you can eat curd without sugar, coconut water ( Benefits of Coconut Water), masala milk, roasted gram, poha, moong dal cheela, whatever you eat, take care of your health, and care it In your food does not have Fat.

Dinner (6PM- 8PM)

Lighten dinner so that it is easily digested, because at night we do not have much physical activity, due to this, we should eat minimum food at night, and do not go to sleep immediately after eating food, Dinner should be finished before 8 o’clock. after dinner walk or do some household work, Eat lentil or kidney beans in dinner, it contains protein fiber and starch, it is very low in fat, eat cheese, it contains calcium which Helps to burn fat, If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat baked chicken or even drink chicken soup. You must eat salad with dinner.

What to eat-

1-If you want to reduce stomach then take less carbohydrate in the diet. Eating millet bread, oats or brown rice, etc. would be beneficial.
2-Eat a diet rich in protein. Moong Dal Nuts, Seeds, Sprouted Cereals, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Milk Cheese etc.
3-If obesity is to be reduced then include vitamin C diet in your diet. Such as lemon, guava, orange papaya, broccoli, kiwi, plum, tomato, capsicum etc.
4-Drink green tea before bed at night, it can reduce your weight fast.
5-Eat cherries. Eating it helps to lose weight
6-Cinnamon is also very helpful for weight loss, you can eat a teaspoon of cinnamon powder before breakfast in the morning, you can use it before bedtime or you can use both times.
7-Take honey with your lukewarm or if you do not like it, then you can drink water after take one spoon of honey and the essential hormones in honey are known to suppress appetite and help in weight loss.
8-Drink more and more water because drinking water also keeps hunger under control and does not increase weight.
9-You can include black pepper in the food, you can eat its powder by sprinkling boiled potatoes or boiled eggs, salad etc. and can also be used in food.

What Do not eat-

If you are really upset with your increasing weight and want to reduce it, and want to get Slim Body then do not eat these things-

1-Don’t eat Sugar-based sweets or drinks, anything that is made using sugar
2-Don’t eat outside food Unhygienic things or too oily and spicy.
3-Don’t eat Foods which made with fine flour such as bread samosas, momos or noodles etc. do not contain any fiber. It is refined flour that increases your weight.
4-Don’t Eat Deep fry foods like pakora puri, french fry etc.
5-Do not consume cigarettes, alcohol etc., it also increases obesity in the body. And there is also an increased risk of fatty liver disease.
6-Do not consume too much salt.

I will keep bringing health & beauty tips in this way every day, if you have any questions you can ask in Comment Box.

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