How to Look Beautiful with Fruit & Vegetable Peels

Fruit-vegetable peels can also solve many health and beauty related problems. You will be surprised to know how fruitful peals and the tomatoes are beneficial for beauty. Here in this article, we will tell you about them today, Some of these simple and successful tips, So let’s know.

1-Remove face pigmentation with oranges and lemon peels- Take oranges and lemon peels and grind them fine. Mix the cow’s raw milk and rose water in this powder, rub on the face. Wash in the face with fresh water on drying. This experiment will remove face pigmentation.

2-Get rid of pomegranate and orange peels for acne- Grind pomegranate and orange peel with turmeric. By mixing a little lemon juice in it, regularizing on the face gives a lot of benefit in the acne.

3-Remove the burn marks from the papaya- Often, women are burnt while cooking food in the kitchen and its Burn marks. On these marks, they will be erased gradually by rubbing the papaya peel.

4-Make black skin white with lemon-
Do not throw lemon peels after the juice is extracted. Rubbing them on elbows, knees, fingers and soles. With these places, the frozen mucus is easily cleaned and the skin also becomes soft.

5-Get healthy hair from oranges and lemon peels- Mixing the orange and lemon peel with water, washing the hair, Dandruff of hair ends and hair becomes thick and long. Its continually use is beneficial.

6-Increase the brightness of teeth form lemon peels- To polish teeth, rub lemon peels on the teeth once or twice a week. Simultaneously, drying and grinding its peel, mixing a little bit of salt in it can also be used as a manganese. It also removes tooth worms. Keep in mind that lemon is considered to be the best for the health of teeth and gums, especially due to vitamin C.

7-Make nails clean-Many women’s nails are dirty, which look quite ugly in sight. Rubbing lemon peels on the nails, they become stainless, clean and bright.



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