A little and easy change in routine can make you healthy and long-lived

A little and easy change in routine can make you healthy and long-lived. Provided you take certain things for a lifetime, and remove some extracted things for ever. Simple 20-point life adopted for this.

1-Get up and roam around two or three kilometers every morning (5 o’clock). Start the day with the Sun worship. This will awaken a power which will refresh the heart and mind.

2-Always keep the body straight, that is, if you sit, then fix it, then if you stand, then stand up, that means that the body always keeps tight.

3-Try to make health by food only. The best way to do it is to chew and chew the food always, so that the digestive system is cured, no problem will arise.

4-The main reason for obesity is oily and sweet foods. It increases the body fat, laziness and lethargy in the body. Use these substances in a limited amount.

5- Abandon the heavy-food or non-digestible food. If it does, then fasten one by one fast and then balance it.

6-Get used to reducing the temptation to reduce the use of the vehicle. As far as you can walk for short distances. This will be the exercise of muscles, which will keep you healthy by staying healthy and also helping to protect the environment.

7-Use maximum quantity of fruits and vegetables in the food. Obtain the essential oil content from them, obtain the essential oil for the body from the natural substances.

8- Do not let the head down, keep the job done promptly.

9-Do the tasks of the house yourself – this work gives the result of many exercises.

10-Engagement is a boon; it is a free medicine for longevity, keep yourself busy.

11-Wear clothes according to your personality. Wear a little cloth, it will keep up fast.

12-Keep a sense of dedication to the goal, purpose and work in your life.

Sources of healthy living-

1-The beauty of the body is in her cleanliness. Take special care of it.

2-Must have fun in the morning and night. Along with the bath before bathing, wear clothes and wear it. You will feel refreshed

3-Each limb body in the body breathes through the pores. That is why sleeping clothes should be fine, clean and minimal. Cotton clothes are excellent.

4-Always keep the hair froze. Use oil regularly in your hair. Keep hair clean, keep clean, keep your hair clean.

5-Regularly take time to visit your adorable god. Whether you are a follower of any religion, you must pray for God according to your religion.

6-The beauty of body, mind, and thoughts ends due to anger. Avoid loss of physical energy by keeping abstinence in the moments of anger.

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