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Everybody today wants his lipstick to last longer,But it is not possible to know that after starting lipstick, it starts moving shortly after,There are many such lipsticks in the market that stay 8-10 minutes but it is expensive, So let’s know how to use lipstick to stay longer.

1-If you want your lipstick to last longer, apply a thin layer of powder or foundation on the lips before applying lipstick. Then put lipstick, then it will stay on the lips for a long time.

2-If the shape of your lips is not suited for your wish, then use the lip brush to apply  lipstick.

3-Lipstick continuously for 8-9 hours, lips become stale. Therefore, use lip gord or vaseline regularly.

4-If you want to highlight the lips, keep the lip color dark and make the eyes look normal.

5-If you want excessive glow then use lip lacquer on top of lipstick.

6-Lipstick with moisturizer fades away from the stomachiness of your lips.

7-Use your matte lipstick for your lips, too full. Use lip primer or lip fictitives for the lips not to dry the lipstick.

8-Color rich in vitamins also gives the satin lipstick, the glow with the lips softening.

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