Lips Care Tips and Which Type of Lipstick Should be Use In Winter

Take special care of lips in the winter season, because they are very soft and dry due to cold wintry winds, and there are also problems of lips bursting, in this article today we will tell you that How to make your lips beautiful and what kind of lipstick should be applied during the winter season.

Which Type of Lipstick Should be Use-

Just as you use light colored lipstick during the day and dark and bright at night, lipstick should be applied according to the weather, it is not necessary that the lipstick you are applying in summer Use the same in winter too, no matter how much you like matte lipstick, but applying matte lipstick in winter makes lips dry, so you should apply Glossy lipstick in winter, there are properties of argon oil which are due to be your lips soft that healthy look of your lips

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If Matte Lipstick is to be Applied in Winter-

If you have to use matte lipstick, then apply these tips-

1-First use Vaseline on the lips to keep the moisturizer intact.
2-Use primer on top of it so that the lipstick will last for a long time.
3-Use lip balm before lipstick to keep the lips moist.

Home Remedies for Lip Care-

Use these home remedies to overcome the problem of dry lips and lips bursting.

1-Use coconut or mustard oil in the navel before sleeping at night
2-Apply ghee on your lips before sleeping at night
3-Scrub lips with butter and salt for 5 minutes.
4- Scrubbing lips with brown a white sugar and get rid of these problems.

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