Learn how to use Covid-19 Self test kit at home and get results in 15 minutes

The increasing cases of Covid in India have created a ruckus. Amidst the panic of Omicron variants spreading in India including the world, now there is a continuation of increase in the cases of corona in the cities as well. As Covid cases are increasing, people are looking for self-testing. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Real Time and Rapid Antigen Testing is the best way to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 in India. It has also said that in view of the current situation, rapid antigen test at home is advised in symptomatic people and positive cases. has told.

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Types of coronavirus test:

PCR test:

The first is the molecular test, also known as the PCR test. It detects the genetic material of the coronavirus. Explain that this test is the most commonly used to identify polymerase chain reaction Kovid-19 cases. However, it is considered more sensitive.

Antigen test:

The second is the antigen test, which detects the special coronavirus protein covering RNA on the surface of the virus. Overall, both the tests can be used to detect the early symptoms of the virus.

Antibody test:

The third is the antibody test, this test looks for antibodies that the body may have developed to fight the virus.

How to use Covid-19 Self test kit at home:

So let’s know how you can do this test at home.

How to prepare before the test:
  • Find a clean place to test.
  • Set a table and clean the surface.
  • Before testing, wash your hands with soap and keep them dry.
  • Now tear off the pouch of the kit and put the contents on the table.
  • Now go ahead, before that it is necessary to download the app given in the testing kit and fill the credentials.
How to test at home using device:
  • Sample Test – Breed Swab
  • Testing time – 1 minute
  • Time taken to get the result – 15 minutes

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What’s in the Covid-19 Self test kit :

This test kit is specially designed for home test. The CoviSelf COVID-19 Antigen Test Pouch includes a pre-filled extension tube, a sterile nasal swab, an instruction book, a test card and a disposable bag.

How to test:
  • Wash hands before testing. Keep in mind that your hands should be dry.
  • Now tear the packet.
  • Download MyLab Coviself App on your Smartphone. Fill the credentials and then proceed step by step.
  • Take a pre-filled extension tube.
  • To make the liquid present in it settle down, tap it 3-4 times on the table.
  • Now open the cap and hold the tube in your hand.
  • Holding the tube in your hand, open the sterile nasal swab.
  • Insert sterile water 2-4 cm into both your nostrils one after the other.
  • Swirl the swab 5 times in each nostril.
  • Dip the nasal swab into the pre-filled actuation tube.
  • Now pinch the bottom of the tube and shake the nasal swab well. Make sure that the swab is submerged in the liquid during this time.
  • Locate the break point and break off the swab.
  • Now cover the tube with the nozzle cap.
  • Take the test card and put two drops while pressing down on the tube.
  • After that you have to wait for 15 minutes for the result.
Important things about testing:
  • Any result after 20 minutes is considered invalid.
  • The app uses artificial intelligence to alarm when 15 minutes are up. You can then download the report from the app.
  • If only quality control C comes in the test and no test line T is visible, then the result is considered negative.

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Keep these things in mind while testing:

Coviself.com states that people with all symptoms whose rapid antigen test comes back negative should get retested once again with the help of RTPCR. It is very important to do this, as some positive cases with low viral load are likely to be missed.

  • People with every RAT negative test symptom are known as suspected COVID-19 cases and are advised to follow the MoHFW isolation protocol till the result of RTPCR test is out.
  • Coviself.com says that if your covid test comes positive, then you will be considered positive. For this, there is no need to test again and again.
  • Follow home care isolation protocol.
  • Experts say that after the test, all the samples used in the kit should be disposed of. For this, put the swab in the buffer tube. Seal and dispose of all components inside the biohazard disposable bag provided in the kit. There will be no risk of contamination. Clean all surfaces free of bacteria and wash your hands with soap.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. Which is also given in the instruction booklet given inside the test kit, it cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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