Why Celebrate Halloween, What’s the Story behind it

Halloween is a special festival to be celebrated in western countries. It has begun to climb on many countries. Every year on October 31, the people of this festival are preparing for the whole world. In many countries including the United States, Britain, Japan, Mexico, people become ‘ghosts’ with many types of make-up and dress. This day is a day for the neighbors and chocolates for children, while for elders there is a day of prayer for the peace of the ancestors. Halloween Day is also called All Helos Evening, All Halloween, All Holmes Eve, and All Saints Eve. This day is the last day of the Celtic calendar. Therefore, it is celebrated as the beginning of the new year between the Celtic people.

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When start-

Actually Halloween was started long ago. In the crop season, farmers believed that evil spirits could come to earth and harm their crop. So they used to scare themselves to frighten them. But in the modern era it has become a good way to celebrate and celebrate a holiday. Gradually its popularity is also increasing.

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How people celebrate-

On this day people wear scary clothes and take candy gifts by visiting people’s home. Who trick or treat.
According to Irish folklore, the custom of making Jack O’Lantern on Halloween is custom. People make candles in the hollow pumpkin by making eyes, nose and mouth. After this, it is deposited and buried.
In many places people party on Halloween Day and play many types of sports. The most played game on this day is Dunning or Apple Bobing, which is called Dunking in Scotland. It floats in a tub or a large basin of apple in the apple and then the participants have to remove it from their teeth.

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