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Intermittent fasting is considered very beneficial to reduce weight. This diet has to be hungry for a long time. Not only does this cause weight loss, metabolism also improves. In today’s article, we know how to do it correctly. People try different ways and diet for weight loss. Some of these diets work but it takes a lot of time to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is considered a very effective method for rapid weight loss. It not only controls weight but also keeps the digestive system correct. This is why intermittent fasting has become very popular in the last few days.

What is the time of fasting-

In intermittent fasting, you have to eat without eating for 16 hours and eat only in 8 hours in a day. You can have a good diet in these 8 hours. For example, we start eating at around 8 am and stop eating at about 5 am before sunset. Which means that in these 8-9 hours the digestive system of your body will work and the rest of the time the digestive system will get rest.

What to eat in intermittent fasting-

First of all, know that you should never starve yourself during the fasting phase. You can break the fast when your body is craving for food. When you start with this eating pattern, the phase of fasting can be as long as it suits your body. When you do it in fasting, which you have to do for 16 hours. It is allowed to drink plain water, chamomile tea, rose tea, ginger tea, black tea etc. without any sweet. In addition, you can eat fresh vegetable juices. You are not allowed any pack snacks, vegetables and fruits during these 16 hours.

  • During the eating phase, your diet should ideally include mostly home-cooked meals.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lentils and legumes, and other sources of healthy fats, proteins, carbs and fiber should be part of your diet.
  • Fill yourself up to 80%. Do not starve yourself. Eat nutritious food whenever you feel hungry, even if it requires breaking the fast.
  • Snack on healthy food with ghee-fried makhanas, roasted black gram, nuts and seeds trail milk, a seasonal fruit or a bowl of yogurt with some fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of intermittent fasting-

  • Intermittent fasting not only leads to weight loss, but also improves metabolism.
  • Intermittent fasting also works to increase immunity.
  • Apart from this, it is helpful in improving heart health, improving brain functions and enhancing the life of a human being.
  • This keeps blood sugar under level control. It is helpful in preventing diabetes and many health related problems.
  • You do not need to sweat in the gym for hours.

When to avoid intermittent fasting-

People who have insulin, cancer, unable to gain weight, lactating mothers, pregnant women, people dependent on certain drugs, who have low blood pressure, should avoid it. Always consult your doctor before starting intermittent fasting. Apart from this, if you are unhealthy, then you should avoid fasting of any kind. In such a situation, it is important that you always eat light food at night because eating heavy food can cause fatigue.

What is the Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fast?

In this, it is suggested to people in the beginning that you make a goal of fasting for 12 hours after eating your last and try to keep it for 14 hours. Then take it for 16 hours. Gradually increase your fasting stage and drink lots of water to avoid headache, so that you can keep yourself hydrated.

Intermittent Fasting Weekly Diet Plan-

There is also a weekly plan of Intermittent Fasting for weight loss. In this, you eat normal food 5 days a week. So at the same time two days of the week consume less calories and fluids.

  • By the way, intermittent fasting is a bit difficult. But you can make it easy by making a diet plan. For this, you have to make a diet plan to eat and drink throughout the day. Learn some diet tips for intermittent fasting here.
  • In the morning you can start with coffee instead of tea. Coffee helps in reducing weight. Coffee has the potential to increase metabolic rate with fewer calories.
  • During the day, coconut water can be consumed for lack of water in the body. Do not consume cold drinks and other beverages available in the market.
  • Include low-calorie foods in the diet. Instead of fried food, include boiled foods in the diet.
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