Know How to Keep Children safe from Coronavirus

According to doctors, the most affected children will be in the third wave, so it is very important to alert the children from now on, to bring the methods and habits to prevent corona in their practice. Even so, research suggests that we all have to make a habit of living with corona because it will show its wrath from time to time. The process of unlocking is also going to start slowly from June. Children are also imprisoned in the house for almost two months. The outbreak of Corona has also reduced a bit. With the unlocking, slowly life will also start getting back on track. Children will also start playing and meeting with their friends. At this time when the children are at home the whole time, they need to be advised to include ways to avoid corona in their habit.

Teach these 8 Habits to protect children from Corona Virus:
  • Wearing a mask while leaving the house, washing hands frequently and maintaining a distance of 2 feet from the people around.
  • Do not remove the mask from the face even while playing with friends etc. outside the house and keep sanitizing the hands in between.
  • Refrain from exchanging each other’s bicycles or toys or anything.
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  • Do not use other’s bottled water or food items while playing.
  • Maintaining social distancing at all times while talking to friends.
  • After coming from outside, first of all wash your hands with soap and sanitize yourself well
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  • It is the habit of children to touch the goods of the shop or touch all the buttons of the lift or touch the various objects of the society’s camps while on the move. It is very important to give them strict instructions not to do all this.
  • Do not forget to carry sanitizer in your bag or pocket while going out of the house.
Keep children safe from corona like this:
  • Let the children go to play under your supervision
  • Consult a doctor to strengthen the immunity of children.
  • If the property is not necessary, do not take the children out of the house.
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Symptoms of corona in children:
  • The child has fever for more than 1-2 days.
  • If there is a red rash on the body and feet of the child.
  • If you start seeing the color of the child’s face blue.
  • The child has a problem of vomiting and diarrhea.
  • If there is swelling in the hands and feet of the child.
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Follow these tricks Keep children safe from corona:
  • To make the lungs strong, give balloons to the children to inflate.
  • Give warm water to children to drink, this will reduce the risk of infection.
  • If the child is a little older, then give him breathing exercises.
  • To increase the immunity of children, give citrus fruits to eat.
  • Give turmeric milk to children to protect them from bacterial infections and viral infections.
  • Educate children about this disease and about caution, do not scare.
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How to recognize the symptoms of corona in newborn children:
  • If the child is lethargic.
  • The child should stop eating and drinking.
  • The child has become irritable.
  • The ribs are moving more.
  • You are sleeping more than before.
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