Know How to Avoid Polluted Air with these 6 easy way

Breathing in air polluted air reduces the risk of brain stroke, heart related illnesses, while decreasing the efficiency of the brain. To breathe is very important, but the air you are taking as breathing, He can make you a serious person. Carefulness can only reduce the risk of illness.

How to Avoid-

It is very important to be careful to avoid the diseases caused by poisonous air. The air is more polluted in the morning and evening during this season.

  1. Exercise, yoga, avoid walking in the open early in the morning.
  2. If there is compulsion to get out of the house in the morning, then leave the cloth or mask on the mouth.
  3. Junk food avoid eating outdoors.
  4. Add fresh fruits, vegetables to the diet.
  5. Stay in the house and do regular exercise.
  6. Drink more and more water. This leaves the harmful particles out of the body and reduces the risk of diseases.

The best way to avoid pollution is to prevent pollution from spreading, but we do not do it. The result is serious illnesses. The faster the wind is becoming poisonous, it is the cause of many deadly diseases. Sulfur, glass, arsenic, ammonia, benzopyrene, diesel particulate matter in the air increase the problem of asthma. Pollution increases the risk of developing a serious illness like TB several times. Polluted air increases the likelihood of heart related illness, brain stroke, bronchitis, breathlessness, eye irritation, skin related disease. If you are not careful, you can become a victim of serious diseases.

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