Know 7 Important Rules Related to ‘National Flag’

India will celebrate 72nd Independence Day tomorrow ie August 15. Indian people celebrate this day with complete culture and tradition. On this day people roam the place with a Tricolor flag in hand, but do you know that there are many rules related to that tricolor too. According to the Prevention of Intimate to National Honor Act, the person who does not adhere to these rules related to the national flag can be fined with a three year jail. So let’s know what is the rule associated with ‘The Flag of India’.

Rules related to the Flag-

1. There should be three rectangular panels in the national flag. Apart from this, its width should be equal, the top should be saffron (sapphire), the middle and the bottom green color. In the middle of this panel, it is very important to have 24 lines in Navy Blue with the design of Ashok Chakra. It is also necessary that in the Tricolor it is visible from both sides.

2. It is also the rule of making tricolor that it is made of wool, cotton, silk or khadi. Also do not use paper or plastic cloths.

3. The tricolor should always be rectangular. It is necessary to have a ratio of 3: 2 in length and width.

4. In any event the tricolor should not touch with ground or water. At the same time, there is a rule related to the Tricolor that it should not be hoisted on halfway to any building, however, it is allowed on government buildings or office on certain occasions.

5. Do not use the national flag to wrap anything. Not only this, also keep in mind that it should not be used like a costume or uniform. The couch should not have a shape on the cushion, napkin, napkin or any other dress material.

6. The color combinations of the flag should not be tampered with. Also do not use chopped, cracked, old and dirty flag to hoist anytime.

7. It should not be wrapped up, forward, back or on the edges of any vehicle, train, boat or aircraft. Apart from this, do not use the national flag to cover any building or anything else.

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Know these 6 interesting things related to ‘Independence Day

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