Kitchen Tips That Will Make You Smart Housewife

The kitchen also has a workplace for the housewife, she shows her amazing in the food, as well as there is also a corner of the whole family’s health. Housewife usually specializes in cooking but still there is some urgent information related to kitchen tips that they should know. Let’s know this –

1-To save pulses from insects, put some drops of castor oil in it.

2-If you are disturbed with ants, you can do one thing, put two onion near the tube light or CFL, ant will away from it

3-While preparing the Idli solution, grind a little boiled rice in it, hence the idlis become soft.

4-Place the boiled egg in cold water for a while, so the peel will be easily removed.

5-Put some pieces of ginger in the casserole, by which the roti remains soft and fresh.

6-To prepare the gram flour properly, put some drops of solution in one cup of water, if they start swimming, then the solution is correct.

7-Add a little cornflour or rice flour to gram flour to make crispy.

8-After removing bitter gourd to remove the bitterness, add salt to it and leave it for about half an hour.

9-If the egg is broken, add 1 tsp vinegar to the water and boil the egg, its liquid will not come out.

10-Do not keep green vegetables in plastic, it quickly gets spoiled.

11-By adding lemon juice to the water while cooking rice, the rice will become more Bloom, white and tasty.

12-While frying onion, onion will be brown quickly by adding light sugar.



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