Keep Care of your Skin and Hair in this way in the Monsoon

After high heat, when the rain drops on the skin, the heart becomes romantic even with the weather. In such a hurry to get wet in rain water, we often ignore some important things. Because of which the skin and hair are worsened. But this monsoon can not take care of your hair and skin health by not making this mistake. Let’s know how…

Clean the face-

Clean the skin with face wash at least three times a day. This will clear more oil and dust. If the water of the rain is too late, it starts scabies and bacteria and fungal infections can also occur. So keep the skin clean in monsoon always.

Eat the right & healthy food-

Eat the right & healthy food because the problem of stomach upset in monsoons greatly increases. Add more food to your food containing vitamins A and Vitamin C. This will glow your skin naturally.

Drink more water-

Drink 2 to 3 liters of water to avoid the problem of hydration. Even though this season does not remain so high, the body lacks water. Fluids also offer great benefits.


With the advent of rain, the humidity in the environment increases. It has an effect on curly, dry and oiled scalp. Make your own routine to shampoo hair at least three times in a week.


Do not leave the conditioner in the monsoon. Using good conditioners, your hair will be good in this environment of moisture.

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