International Workers’ Day or Labour Day quotes 2018-1May

1-God has sent us to do the work and life will not end until God ceases to give us work.

2-It is useless to expect food without work.

3-Work is Worship.

4-Any country develops only when there are hardworking people working in that country.

5-Those people who believe in their hard work and hard work never get frustrated under any circumstances

6-Large buildings, buildings such as many construction workers can be built on the strength of the workers.

7-You can think of building the palace of your dreams, but the contribution of the workers is only in giving this imagination

8-If you want to get true happiness in life then the things obtained from hard work give real happiness.

9-The things we get are the result of labor.

10-Those who are lazy who find excuses to not work everywhere.

11-Labor is the heritage of the country.

12-Workers are contributing in country building.

13-There is no substitute for hard work

14-Paradise is blessed by perfect rest, but the blessings of the earth are labor.

15-God is ready to sell everything at the expense of hard work.


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