Increase the beauty with Potatoes

Potato is use for remove scars of skin and dark circles of eyes. Let’s know how to make gloves along with tightening on your skin using potatoes.

Potato and Yogurt-

Make a big spoonful of potato paste. Now add one tablespoon curd to it. Keep the prepared paste for half a minute. Now put this paste on the face. It also helps to whiten your skin by refreshing your skin.

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Potatoes and eggs-

To prepare face packs of potatoes and eggs, first remove the juice of half potatoes and take out its juice. Now mix the white part of an egg into it and prepare the pack by mixing it well. Now leave this pack on face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes. After this, wash your face with plain water. You will see its effect immediately. It also helps to tighten your pores with glow on your face.

Potatoes and turmeric-

Facepack of turmeric and turmeric helps to enhance the skin color. For this, take half of the potatoes and take a pinch of turmeric in it and leave it on the face for half an hour. Now you clean your face with water. Must have this face pack once a week.

Potatoes and milk-

Peel half the potatoes and take out its juice and mix two teaspoons of raw milk in it and mix it well on your face and neck with the help of cotton. Wash your face after 20 minutes. By applying this facecap to two to three times a week, the facial color brightness increases.

Potatoes and lemon-

Make a potato paste. Now mix one teaspoon lemon juice in it and apply it on the face. Wash the face after 15 minutes. It works as a natural facial bleach. This helps to remove your dark skin complication.

Prepare the pack by mixing one spoonful of potato juice, two teaspoon lemon juice and two spoons of groundnut soil. Now leave it on the face for ten to fifteen minutes. Now wash the face with cold water. This will remove the scars of your face and make your face smolder.

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