Important things Related to Blood Donation

Blood donation is a very good thing, it is very helpful for accidental people and sick people, if you are healthy, then donating blood benefits for your health. In this article we will tell you some important things related to blood donation, Let’s know

Who can Donate Blood-

1-Any male or female up to 18-60 years can donate blood.

2-Those who have tattooed immediately can not donate blood, after 1 year can donate blood.

3-If you want to donate blood you should not have sex with more than one person because such people can not donate blood

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4-You can not donate blood if your weight is under 45 kg.

5-The donor should not be suffering from Breath problem, skin and heart disease.

6-If you are a woman and want to donate blood then in the last 6 months you should not be pregnant.

7-The amount of hemoglobin in the blood of a person should not be less than 12.5 g / dl.

8-The person has not been suffering from jaundice in the last 3 years.

9-No surgery in the last 3 months.

What to do Before Blood Donation-

There should not be any effect on your body due to blood donation, so you should give some precautions.

1-Before blood donation, complete sleep and stomach should be full.

2-1 day before blood donation, sure to drink juice at night and in the morning.

3-Almost 3-4 hours before blood donation, left over whole grains, egg, spinach, iron-rich food.

4-Do not consume alcohol or Smoking 2 days before donating blood.

5-Do not consume any medicine 2 days before donating blood.

What to do after Blood Donation-

1-Do not work immediately after blood donation, drink a glass of juice containing high sugar content.

2-Do not use conveyance for a few hours of blood donation.

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3-Relieve up to 30-50 minutes after blood donation.

4-Do not work like gym, dance for 1 to 2 days after blood donation.

Benefits of Donating Blood-

1-By donating blood, you help a needy person.

2-Blood donation improves cardioversion, iron levels decrease, reducing the risk of heart attack.

3-Blood donation is done to make new blood cells.

4- Blood donation reduces the risk of cancer, including liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancer.

5-Blood donation helps in burning calories and decrease cholesterol.

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