Importance of Greeting Cards ( Handmade Greeting Cards )

About greeting card in I will write one line it’s a very very Beautiful Place to write your feelings without saying (Best Handmade Greeting Card In Lucknow)

Importance of Greeting Cards

Greeting card is a very beautiful gift in itself, which is a very beautiful way to convey the feelings, love to another person, the more I say about it the less will be, If that card is hand made an ocean of emotions flows in the heart of the recipient of the greeting card, In earlier times people used to send each other Postcards, Letters and Greeting cards on auspicious occasions such as New Year, Diwali etc. Greeting cards are exchanged in every relationship and this used to make their bonding stronger, Now its trend has changed a bit, people send their messages through WhatsApp and many social media platforms, but it certainly does not affect the heart of the person who receives it as much as a greeting card can do, The fragrance of your love , the love garland of words, the beauty of the art of your hands in the greeting card is felt by your loved one and the recipient cannot throw away the greeting card and Keeps it safe a lot Now you must have probably understood that the meaning of greeting card How important is it, Nowadays we mostly send gifts, clothes but with this if we send a small card then perhaps we can reach our loving words to them, So that later it does not feel that everything Gave it, but some thing is left in my heart, I have a different feeling about greeting cards since childhood and I love making it very much, I consider it the best and biggest gift of all gifts People always buy many expensive and branded gifts Orders through someone or sends it directly by ordering online, but if we talk about greeting cards no one have time to make but we have an option to order, when we order online for this then what message has to go inside it, how to be customized, send photos, many such things Whatever we order by thinking, or we can add our old photos to old messages, whatever we want to convey our feeling, we can add all those things to it.

I have made handmade greeting cards and also gaven to many people As a gift like to my husband, to my mother, to my friends, there are many people in relation to whom I have given this card and they have liked it very much, people do not have time to speak their words to others. It has become a very busy routine to be able to reach. By doing office to morning till evening, then dinner in the night and then breakfast in running, life has become just like this, talking to each other, meeting with your family members, understanding them has become very less because of someone’s There is no time, so if in this we give a gift on any special day like Birthday, Anniversary, Diwali, Karva Chauth, Holi, Christmas, New Year, with a small card on all these special occasions. If you give something, it becomes even more special because what you can not say for long times, you can definitely give it by writing two lines, you can give it to your mother, to your sister, to your father, to your wife, to your Girlfriend, it will get to know your emotions it shows that you are very busy but still what you think about them this will keep a very good connectivity between each other and your love will increase as if you are very busy and you are not able to give time to your children, then you gave a small card on Daughter’s Day, Children’s Day, Children’s Birthday or whatever occasion you get, . Keep the surprise card, which you sometimes think in your mind that hey man, I am very busy, I do not get time to play with the children, which keep going on in your mind and due to being busy, I do not get time If you find that you can reach them through that card, then perhaps you must have understood very well how many emotions are associated with the card because the words that are there touch our heart, I have listed some handmade cards below. You can see the samples given and you can order it according to your requirement, you can also order it online, you can also order through call, you can do it as you like

Call or WhatsApp to Order- 8765777797

Keeping all these things in mind, we have started a small handmade card business, so I hope that you will give a lot of love to this handmade card business of mine and apart from this, you can also make customized handmade cards by calling or WhatsApp. You can order, we will make cards according to your feeling, need and occasion, if you have some new ideas, then you can send me by writing through comment box, WhatsApp or social media platform, we will also work on your ideas. Thank you very much for reading the blog

We have available many types of cards like..

  • We have available many types of cards like
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary card
  • Happy birthday card
  • Love Theme Scrapbook
  • Explosion box card pull up card
  • Raksha Bandhan Cards
  • Diwali Cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Valentines Day Cards
  • Mother Day Card
  • Fathers day Card
  • Congratulations Card
  • Thank You Card
  • Newborn Baby Card
  • Baby shower card.
  • Pop Up Card
  • Zig Zag Pop Up Card
  • Easter card.
  • Sorry card
  • Retirement card
  • New home card
  • New job card
  • New year card
  • Friendship card
  • Get well soon card
  • Good luck card
  • Graduation card
  • Halloween card
  • Hen/stag do card
  • Love card
  • Engagement card
  • Farewell card
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