If you use Earphone then be careful The risk of getting these diseases.

If you use earphone to talk or listen to music in your spare time, its okay to use a little bit but it can be dangerous for you to use for hours, you may have to face many diseases. So let’s know what diseases they are.


If you are using earphone for 2-3 hours a day, you can make deaf. If you are using earphone then keep the volume below 90 decimal, because the ear hearing capacity is 90 decimal, and if you listen in more volume If so, You can be a victim of deafness, besides many diseases can be.


Electric magnetic waves coming out of the earphones have a bad effect on the mind of the person. Because of which, he starts having problems with headache or sleepiness.

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Heart Disease –

The more intense use of this can lead to heart disease,
As the loud voice sounds, the heartbeat increases, and it starts to throb over, because of this, you can reach the heart.

Ear infection-

If you share the ear phone with the other, your ear may have an infection.

Ear hearing –

Sometimes ears can be numb with hearing in a strong volume for a long time, listening to songs in a loud voice does not only affect the ability to listen, but also many mental problems start to grow. If doctors believe that the use of earphones is more likely to come from the sounds of sneezing, dizziness, sleepiness, pain in head and ear, etc..


If you want to avoid problems related to ear, then use earphones as you need them. Use good quality earphones instead of sky earphones.

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