If You Have Started Going Office, Apply 35 Tips to Stay Safe

In this era of corona, it is very important for everyone to protect themselves, now shops and offices are opening slowlyslowly and traffic has also started slowly but still the risk of corona virus is not averted, so today In this article, we will tell you that if you are also go and come for office or your work, then what precautions should you take, you should be alert that there can be virus in everything, thinking that you can be safe .

  • Everyone has to bring his own small sanitizer bottle. Because you may have a large sanitizer bottle in your office, and all the employees are using it, it may also cause corona virus on top of the bottle.
  • Use two-two bags, bring one to the office, and then dust it after taking it home, and bring another bag to the office the next day. This will help protect your family from corona infection.
  • Do not use other pens, keep your own pen with you. Everyone uses a pen in the office and you keep the pen very close, so sanitize it as well.
  • After leaving office, go to the house and take bath so that it can keep your family safe. You should take a bath before meeting any member of the Family.
  • Must use mask on the way. Because on the way you come in contact with many people, if you use the mask then you will be able to stay safe.
  • Keep shoes out after coming from office. Because there are many types of things come below your shoes on way, if you use two shoes these days, then it will be even better for you
  • -Do not carry any association if not needed. Such as watches, bracelets, ear rings, finger rings, etc., on all these things of the corona virus can live longer. Then even after cleaning you will not get complete protection.
  • Do not use other sun glasses. Because if someone is infected, he can also infect you.
  • Sanitize your hands in every 2 hours. Sanitize the hands after touching anything.
  • Follow social distancing. While talking to anyone keep distance of 3 to 6 feet.
  • Before talking to someone, use a mask while sneezing or coughing. So that no one else can get infected by you or else you can avoid getting infected.
  • Daily sanitize your mobile. Mobile has become a very big part of our daily life, we use it from the morning to sleeping at night, so it is very important to keep it clean.
  • Do not give your mobile to anyone to talk or touch. And even if you give it, immediately after withdrawing, sanitize the mobile properly and then clean your hand as well.
  • Sit separately in Lunch and do not share with each other. If everyone used to have lunch in a group in the office, now change this habit and make lunch by making a distance, and when everything is normal then you can do it together.
  • Four to five people do not gather together, even if they are, then follow social distancing. Sometimes, many people gather together for a meeting or discussion, but in these days, do not do this, keep social distancing.
  • Between the two people remained a distance of at least 3-6 feet.
  • Do not touch the car, bike, helmet of any other person because all the people gather in the office from different places, it will not be safe for you to touch.
  • Pay attention to cleanliness. Keep your office or working place clean.
  • Do not share water bottle and cup with anyone brought your own water bottle and cup from home. this will be better for you.
  • Bring lanch from home and avoid eating outside food. Although outside food is never good for health, but especially this time if you eat homemade food this will be better for you, is you will order food from any restaurant may be the delivery boy can also be infected or where the food is being cooked. Any employee of that restaurant can also be infected. Your safety is in your hands.
  • If possible, use hand gloves also. Because even if you touch something active, gloves will give you protection, but if you do not touch the eyes, ears, mouth with the same hand then you can be safe.
  • While coming to or from the office, do apply mask on the way and follow social distancing.
  • Avoid touching your nose, ears, mouth repeatedly. Because you can get infected quickly with this habit.
  • Sit at your place, do not sit anywhere else on the chair. This leads to the possibility of the virus spreading.
  • Do not shake hands, wish or greet from a distance.
  • After taking any paper from outside, do not touch the eyes, nose, ears, mouth before sanitizing the hand.
  • Do not exchange cash, transfer online. Because it can also transfer viruses.
  • Daily sanitize your laptop, computer or landline phone.
  • If you go out to use the ATM, then after handing out the money, sanitize the hand.
  • Water tap was also sanitized.
  • After touching anything, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash for 20 seconds.
  • Download the Arogya Setu app on your mobile.
  • If you do the work of selling then stop the customer from touching the products and tell them that they can see them from a distance and take the products that they want, they will be safe and others too.
  • If you feel fever, cough, breathing problem, cold, etc., inform your senior as soon as possible.
  • Do not spit here and there.

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