If you have loose motion take 5 home remedies, get relief immediately

People often complain of stomach disturbances the next day because of eating upside down directly. Dementia in the stomach is caused by infection. There may be many causes of stomach infection. Unhygienic food, water or dirt that reached the body through hands. Because of which repeated symptoms like motion, weakness, vomiting, and occasional fever occur. If you are also facing some kind of problem, then adopt home remedy for immediate relief. Because these measures are completely domestic, you can trust them.

Often use of ginger is very effective in stomach disturbances. It contains anti fungal and anti-bacterial elements, which provides relief in stomachache. Drinking one teaspoon ginger powder with milk gives relief.

Use of curd in stomach pain is very beneficial. Bacteria present in the curd play an important role in balancing. By which the stomach gets better quickly. It also keeps the stomach cold.

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Apple vinegar
The home remedies of apple vinegar in stomach pain also prove to be very effective. Apple vinegar has a substantial amount of pectin, which provides relief in stomachache and tachycardia. Its acidic properties are also effective in improving the stomach infection. Mixing one teaspoon vinegar in a glass of water, it is quick to drink.

If you have been troubled by the frequent motion, then using bananas will give you relief. Pectin contained in it works to bind the stomach. High amount of potassium contained in it is also beneficial for the body.

Mint is a very healthy herb. Over the centuries, it has been used to solve problems associated with stomach problems. Anti-oxidants present in this also help in improving the digestive tract.

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