How to Use Cosmetics to Look More Beautiful

Do you read and use the instructions written on any beauty products very well? Probably not. Usually women use any cosmetics without reading the instructions written on it, for example as soon as you open a tube of a moisturizer or face scrub, some amount of it in the hands and apply directly on the face, but it is very important to know the right way to use every cosmetics so that you get the full benefit of it, using the beauty product skin care product properly, you can get impeccable, fair and beautiful skin. To make the skin beautiful and bright, you must have used some product, but do you read the instructions written on it carefully, if not then in this article today we will tell you how to use beauty product and make it What is the proper way to use.

what is Cleanser and how to use –

First of all, you need to know what a cleanser is, a cleanser deeply cleanses the skin and cleans dead cells, dirt, oil, etc. There is no specific and strict rule for using it, that’s why it is written on the pack. Follow the instructions where the knot foaming cleanser should be applied on dry skin. The same framing cleanser can be applied to light skin. Apply a cleaner to pat with the help of your fingers and then wash it with mild lukewarm water. Massage lightly and then wash off with cold water.

when and why we use toner

The toner cleanses your skin and also removes the makeup on the face, apply a little toner in the cotton ball and rotate it round the face and neck or make sure that there is no toner around the lips and eyes.

Best Way to Apply Moisturizer-

The face needs only five drops of moisturizer, rotating the hands for a chin, a forehead, a neck, and two cheeks, and apply the moisturizer with a good attention to the entire face and neck so that the part of the face More moisturizer is needed. The amount of moisturizer is reached there. Always apply moisturizer with light hands while moving your hands from bottom to top.

How to apply Body lotion-

Take enough lotion on the palm by pressing the tube and apply it immediately after bathing. For best results, apply body lotion when the skin is moist and leave it on the skin for a few minutes before rubbing, then gently rotate the hands in rounding it Eliminates the problem of skin dryness, skin itching, peeling and many more.

Benefits to use Sunscreen-

Sunscreen Take a brand spectrum sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UBB in which the Sun Protection Factor SPF is required to be at least 30. Apply adequate amount of sunscreen on the face and the exposed area of ​​the skin 20 to 30 minutes before exiting every 2 Apply sunscreen again in the hour or after swimming or work workout. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen as sunscreen gets out of the skin due to water and sweat.

Use if Exfoliators-

Exfoliator increases blood flow by getting rid of dead cells. Which makes your skin health better. Apart from this, properly done exfoliation also keeps you away from infections. Apply exfoliator on slightly moist and clean skin, apply hands with light rotation, start from the neck to the forehead and leave the area around the eyes and apply water and then clean it.

Proper Way to use Face Mask-

Always apply face mask only on dry skin, otherwise it will start flowing, do not rub the skin while removing the mask. If it is difficult to remove the mask, then apply a little cleanser and blend then wash it with lukewarm water.

Skin serum Use –

It also provides a lighter texture to the skin than a moisturizer, so apply the serum before a moisturizer is sufficient to soak into the skin. Applying a drop of serum is enough to pat on and apply a moisturizer after 1 minute.

How to apply lipstick to long lasting-

Periodically clean the lips with the help of a scrub so that it remains smooth, you can use lip balm or glycerin for this. Before applying lipstick, make out line with light colored lip pencil. After this it will be easy to apply lipstick, apply light powder on the lips with fingers. This will set the lipstick completely. If you feel that the lipstick has become lighter, then you can apply another coat. This keeps lipstick in the fridge for a long time on the lips.

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