How to Understand the Need for Skin to Look More Beautiful

When choosing the right diet for yourself, we take full care of health and fitness, but forget the skin. Food Habit has a beautiful connection with you. If you want to have healthy and beautiful skin then from today onward, eat your food Change the habit: Women use a variety of beauty products to improve their skin, yet over time their skin starts losing its softness, the biggest reason is that until the right nutrition by catering your skin It will not improve until then, the truth is that when you are completely healthy, then its effect will be clearly visible on the skin also, so if you want to have attractive and beautiful skin, then change your food habits from today. Let’s start with this, you should pay special attention to these things, so let’s know

Rainbow color in the food plate-

The sun’s ultraviolet rays, polluting things like dust, mud and smoke are the biggest enemies of our skin, because of this, the skin gets trained and starts to get untimely wrinkles. Many different antioxidant elements are found in colorful vegetables and fruits. Those who protect our skin from such problems Carrot. Sitapal. sweet potato contains beta carotene, an antioxidant element called papaya spinach in the form of Lutein which helps to repair broken cells of the skin, build new cells and maintain its softness. This is why you should have vegetables and fruits of different colors in your dinner plate. We should include at least five different types of fruits and vegetables in our breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Do not skip vitamin C-

Vitamin C is present in all types of citrus fruits and vegetables, which is itself an excellent antioxidant. It helps in strengthening the human system as well as in the creation of collagen, which makes the skin smooth and radiant. Orange seasonal pineapple, lemon, broccoli. guava and Strawberries are considered a very good source of vitamin C. If you want healthy skin, then include these fruits in your diet regularly.

Avoid crash dieting-

Some women want to lose weight quickly, because of this, they cut their food very much daily, due to which they lose weight fast but due to this, the skin becomes loose and wrinkles start appearing, reducing our food. Eating also reduces the amount of nutrients required for the skin, then in a few months its bad effect starts appearing on the skin, so do not stop eating without thinking to lose weight, rather prepare a diet chart with the help of an expert. Follow the rules of catering according to that, along with diet, regular exercise and morning is also very important.

Selenium A treasure of beauty-

Selenium is an important element that protects our skin from cancerous sunburns and wrinkles. This element is found in very high quantity in cucumber, cinnamon and melon seeds. Frying them and eating them like snacks is very beneficial for the skin, hence considering it as meaningless Don’t forget to throw it apart. Selenium is also found in tomato broccoli fish and eggs.

Beauty Blessing Zinc-

The sebaceous glade present in the inner layer of the skin is oily or secretion to keep it naturally smooth which removes minor skin related problems while keeping it soft and shiny with zinc-rich foods such as chicken fish red. Eating a balanced amount of meats and dry fruits helps to keep the skin healthy.

Vitamin E and fat are the life of skin-

Vitamin E is very important for the healthy growth of our skin cells. Apricot almonds are very important, including Chilgoza and walnuts. Vitamin E is often found in plenty in all dried fruits, in addition to sunflower and corn oil, there is also plenty of vitamins. A. It is found that some women stop using ghee oil and dry fruits completely for fear of gaining weight, doing so is not good for skin health. Mono saturated and poly unsaturated fats are very important for our skin. Fatty acid naturally retains the moisture of our skin. This moisture protects the skin from the damage caused by pollution, so do not completely remove ghee oil butter and dry fruits from daily diet in a balanced amount for soft and radiant skin. It is necessary to consume.

Increase phytoestrogen content-

Have you ever wondered why women have more glow in their skin than men, in fact or is related to the female hormone estrogen, to increase the amount of this hormone in your body, whole wheat bread flour flax seed and Soybeans should be consumed regularly, an element called phytoestrogen in these things helps to keep the skin young for a long time.

Adopted omega 3-

Omega 3 and Omega 4 are both very important for our skin. It is both a fatty acid that does not form within our skin and for this we have to completely depend on our diet. Skin is replenished by consuming these omega 3 fatty acids, there are many elements that protect the skin from problems like irritation and itching.

Stay away from this-

Use junk food ghee oil cold drinks and sweets in limited quantity. If these things are consumed in excess, then in order to convert them into energy, our process starts making more insulin, in excess of this, the essential protein called collagen in the skin. Starts to destroy and in the absence of this, there are untimely wrinkles on the skin.

Water is the most important-

In the end, the easiest solution that people often forget is to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Water protects our skin from its harsh water and retains its natural moisture. Drinking too much water makes all the harmful elements of the body urinary and volatile system Through this, you get out of the body and its effect can be seen on your skin, in addition to water, the intake of fresh fruit juice buttermilk, lime, lemon juice and coconut water is also very beneficial for the skin, in this way, if you eat If you adopt habits, you will naturally have healthy, soft and beautiful skin without cosmetics.

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