How to Remove Virus from Clothes

If you want to avoid infection, you have to take care of cleaning the hands as well as cleaning the clothes, we come in contact with germs, bacteria, whether in the house or outside, even if you want to come in contact anywhere From, in the air, especially, sneaking, shaking hands, touching something, standing on the walls of the wall, hugging someone, we are confronted with the virus, this virus on our clothes Sticks, and if the clothes are not cleaned properly, they can make us sick, so their clothes need special cleaning and care, so that we can keep ourselves safe, let’s know we How to make your clothes virus free.

Do not collect clothes –

Weekly clothes are stored in a place for washing in most of the houses, during the monsoon season, these clothes bring moisture which gives a lot of chance for germs to thrive, the situation can become even more dangerous during corona infection. Yes, some Bacteria die on the same day, but, Bacteria called E. coli and Salmonella live for a few weeks, the same Staphylococcus Bacteria keeps growing for months, so don’t keep the clothes together, this will keep germs away and you yourself Can prevent diseases.

Wash clothes immediately after coming from outside-

Whenever you come from outside, wash the clothes as soon as possible, because the corona virus stays on the clothes for a long time, if those clothes are kept with other clothes without washing, then this virus can grow further by getting moisture on which If we do not pay attention, then we can fall ill after coming in contact with the virus, so as soon as possible put the detergent powder in the water and soak the clothes for a while and then clean them thoroughly.

Wash clothes in a right way –

If you are washing clothes by hand, then you put water in the bucket, add detergent in it and soak the clothes in it for a while, then wash them, it kills all the germs of the cloth, and if you wash the clothes in the machine If you first clean the machine thoroughly with water, then wash the clothes with detergent for 10-15 minutes and then wash it with clean water and dry it, this helps clean the clothes.

Wash clothes with hot water –

Wash the clothes with lightly lukewarm water so that all the germs in the clothes die. The detergent should always use only good quality; take care that the clothes which are not advised to be washed in hot water should not be washed in hot water.

Use Bleach-

Bleach is known as a good disinfecting agent, but it cannot be used on all types of clothes, there is a different kind of bleach for clothes which does not spoil the clothes, it should also be noted that How much quantity of bleach is used in clothes so that germs in the clothes die.

Steaming wash is effective-

Steaming helps kill the bacteria of the clothes, as well as giving finishing in the clothes, nowadays there is such a washing machine in the market, which has steam mayor technology which helps in killing germs up to 90 percent. If you want, you can also choose the option of steam cleaning.

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Clean the towels –

Don’t forget to put dirty towels with your clothes because the towels are very thick so that they keep the bacteria alive for a long time, in the bathroom and kitchen towels which are more in contact with the dirt, Salmonella and E. coli bacteria flourish in it. Due to this, our health can be damaged, so whenever you wash them, keep them separate beforehand and when washed, soak detergent in hot water and soak it for half an hour, after which washing them will kill all bacteria.

Wash the clothes of the children separately –

Children have to pay special attention to the washing of clothes, because they keep playing on the ground, and do not know how many such chips are left, where there is dirt, then their clothes come in contact with all the germs, if If you wash their clothes with other clothes, then there is a fear of germs going into other clothes, so keep their clothes separate, and dissolve them with liquid or powder, which chemical is not used, to wash clothes. Afterwards, must dip the clothes in a disinfected one.

Always keep the washer or bucket clean –

If you want to keep your clothes germ-free, do not forget to clean the machine washer or bucket or bucket before every wash, because there are dirt and non-visible bacteria in its tail, which is cleaned with water and removed. You can go this way you can save yourself and your entire family from diseases.

Before choosing detergent –

Before buying detergent powder or liquid, take care of this special thing along with your budget –

  • Liquid detergents are much more expensive than powdered detergents, and often people are not able to guess the amount of liquid, it is better to buy powder detergent.
  • If you are not in the budget to buy detergent separately for children’s clothes, then buy detergent in which chemical is minimized.
  • Fabric softener is expensive, if it is to be used within the budget, then only use it on clothes which are delicately
  • Combination detergents are also available in the market i.e., bleach or fabric softener is also added to it along with the powder, accordingly the price is also low – so choose it according to the need.

Important things-

  • Do not wipe the body using a dirty towel or cloth after bathing.
  • Do not put clothes worn with other clean clothes after coming home from outside, wash immediately.
  • Use only one cloth in a day, do not wear it again.
  • Rinse the towel daily in hot water.
  • Wash the mask daily in hot water.

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