How to Plan the Best Valentine’s Day for 2019

Valentine’s Day is a special day for every love bird on this planet. Every one with someone special in their hearth experiences pure love on this day. Valentine’s Day can be a day in which one can enjoy it, and one can dislike it. It could be a day where you and your significant other go out and celebrate the day of love, or you can stay at home and watch movies all by yourself while eating ice cream with a giant spoon.

As we said, Valentine’s Day is a very special day for a few reasons. Namely, we are being bombarded by romantic movies, in which the guy will usually do anything for the girl. And we want that for ourselves. We want to be appreciated in the way it’s shown in the movies. We want that beautiful bouquet, we want that chocolate, we want those sweet love letters… And the idea of not being the perfect day is an option we won’t take.

So because of this, we are going to tell you about how to plan the best Valentine’s Day for 2019.

1.    Make Her the Main Focus

From the very beginning, in the early morning, get up before her and make her breakfast in bed. She will appreciate the simple thought of you doing that, not to mention seeing you actually doing it.

Throughout the day, focus all of your attention towards her. Rent a romantic movie and sit through it. We know that guys don’t like to watch those sort of things, but it’s her day and tries to make her feel special.

Replenish the old flowers in the vase with new ones. A very common gesture done on Valentine’s Day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is to have someone deliver her a bouquet of roses. The bigger the bouquet, the better and the red-er the roses the better…

2.    Plan a Surprise for Her

She might not expect anything special from you, and some would say the attention is enough. But overachieving can really make you her hero. Do this by planning some sort of surprise for her.

You can write a really romantic love letter and have it delivered exactly on Valentine’s Day. Why this would work, you might ask. Well, because very few people do it, it’s gotten very unfashionable but trust us when we say that postage is very romantic.

Another very romantic gesture to do is to show up at her doorstep with a box of Oreo’s, and a single piece rose flower. Not only will she love the effort of getting the nicest chocolate, but she will also appreciate the thought of buying flowers for her too.

Take her out somewhere you’ve never been. We’re not saying to organize a trip somewhere, although that would be amazing, but take her to a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to go but have never managed before.

3.    Buy Her a Giant Snuggle Toy

Buy her a giant teddy bear and have it delivered to her apartment. Now you tell me which girl doesn’t love a giant teddy bear that she can cuddle with whenever you’re not next to her.

Valentine’s Day is an emotional day for two lovebirds. The emotions can be so great that it can strengthen your relationship even more. Take the full advantage of this day to make her feel special, because of its more than a day, it’s Valentine’s Day.

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