How to keep your home cool without AC-cooler

In this era of Corona, most of the people are working from home. Whereas in the year 2019, only 5 percent people used to do ‘work from home’. Experts say that it is very important to have a balance of home temperature for good health along with work. According to a recent report by the British government, as long as homes remain cool in summer and warm in winter, health will be affected. Some experts claim that air conditioners alone can increase global warming by 0.5C by 2100. That is why it has become very important to balance the temperature of the house naturally. The Passivhaus Trust promotes the design of similar buildings that use very little energy for heating and cooling. John Palmer associated with this organization has also given some suggestions for better design of the house.

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How to keep your house cool without any changes at home-

1. Cool the bed-

Yes, cooling the bed can also get rid of heat. How would you think? put the bedsheet in the freezer a few hours before sleeping. When it is time to sleep, take out cold-cold bedsheets from the freezer and lay them out.

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2. Cross ventilation-

Yes, it is very important to have cross ventilation for the movement of air inside the house. There is no rocket science in this. While sleeping, keep the table fan in the opposite direction from the window. Due to cross ventilation, the flow of air remains correct and the room becomes cool.

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3. Ice Cube-

At night, put ice cubes in a vessel and keep it near the table fan. The coolness of the ice will cool the fan air and the room will be perfect for sleeping.

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4. Use Cotton bedsheet-

In summer, only light, light colored cotton bedsheets should be used. They absorb body heat and sweat well.

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5. light colours curtains-

In the afternoon, the strong sunlight fills your room with warmth. To avoid this, use curtains. It absorbs the heat and keeps the house cool. Dark colored curtains attract sunlight, while light colours, pastels and whites keep the sun out. The lighter the color of the curtains in your homes, the better it will be and the house will be as cool as possible..

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How to keep your house cool by making some changes at home-

1. Good insulation-

Experts say that a good insulation is helpful in keeping the house cool in summers. At the same time, it also keeps the house warm in winter. In the summer season, a little heat is transmitted through the walls. Whereas after summer, the moderate rays of the sun are not able to enter the house through the wall. Experts say that one meter square of south facing solar glazing can generate heat equivalent to 150 watts. So you can use it at home.

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2. Home Glasses-

Some high-tech glasses which have low G-value, very few rays of the sun can escape from them. But in winter, it makes the house colder. Experts suggest that it is better that you use shutters on the outside, which will give more relief than glass. You can also use overhangs which give shade in summer as well as do not block the sun coming into the house in winter. Keep in mind that the face of the windows of the house should always be towards north-south direction. The windows not only bring sunlight into the house, but they are also the main gate of fresh air.

3. Cross Ventilation-

Anastasia Mylona, Head of Research at the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers, has expressed concern over the poor design of the flats. He says that in cross-ventilation, the air between the windows on opposite walls works to keep the house cool. Mylona does not at all support the coating of glass on the walls of the house. They say that by doing this the heat of the sun enters inside the flat, but does not come out. Due to this, the temperature of the flat or room starts increasing. Therefore, there must be a facility of cross ventilation in the house.

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4. Electronic items-

Some electronic items present in the house also work to increase the temperature of the flat. Palmer says that the fridge is able to cool the stuff inside, because it throws its internal heat out. That is, the bigger the fridge, the more heat. Hot water system also generates heat. To combat this, Palmer uses a heat pump to heat water up to 42 degrees Celsius. It is hot enough for a shower even though it is cooler than usual and does not heat up the house so much. A heat pump can be understood as a two-way refrigerator. These pumps can cool the house by shielding it from the outside heat and can also keep it warm in winter by bringing outside heat into the house.

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