How to get rid of puffy eyes or swollen eyes Know 12 Effective home remedies

We have brought for you some tips that will help to remove their puffiness while refreshing your eyes.

Know 12 Effective home remedies how to get rid of puffy eyes instantly, Lack of sleep is a common problem in today’s lifestyle. Due to this many times there is puffiness i.e. mild swelling in our eyes, due to which our face starts looking tired and sick. Under eye bags are a sign of stress and fatigue. Sometimes it increases to such an extent that even kajal and makeup cannot hide it and you start feeling ashamed to know anywhere. We have brought for you some tips that will help to remove their puffiness while refreshing your eyes.

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Why does the eyes swell or what causes puffy eyes?

  • Excessive salt intake, which causes fluid to build up
  • Sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep
  • The stress
  • Weeping
  • Growing age
  • Allergies that cause inflammation and swelling
  • Sinus problems
  • Facial features
  • Dehydration (lack of water)

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12 Effective home remedies for puffy eyes:

1. Cooked hot rice:

Put the hot cooked rice in a clean cotton cloth bag and keep on the eyes for few minutes, this will give great relief to your swollen eyes and the swelling of the eyes will also go away soon.

2. Ice Cube:

If you have swelling as well as tension in your eyes, wash them with cold water or soak them with ice. For this, wrap a few pieces of ice in a clean cotton cloth and keep it on your closed eyes for a while. By doing this, swelling will go away from your eyes in 5-10 minutes and there will be no fatigue in the eyes.

3. Keep cucumber slices on the eyes:

Cucumber is excellent for removing under eye puffiness. Due to its astringent properties, cucumber soothes the tired muscles around the eyes. Take two slices of cold cucumber and keep it on the eyes for 25-30 minutes. Keep these slices on your eyes and sleep. This will refresh your mind as well as give relief to the eyes.

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4. Tea bags:-

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to go out with puffy eyes, tea-bags can help. Take two green tea-bags, moisten them lightly and then keep them in the fridge. Now keep them on the eyes for 25 to 30 minutes. After this wash the eyes and mouth with cold water.

5. Potato Slice:

Cut the potato into two parts and place it on them with your eyes closed. Keep them in such a way that the swelling under the eyes is well covered. Keep it on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. You will notice a big difference between eye bags and puffiness and their size will gradually decrease.

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6. Egg pack:

Apply the egg white around your eyes with the help of a brush. Wash off with clean water after about 20 minutes. By doing this your skin will also tighten and your eyes will be

7. Rose water:

Rose water acts as a natural relaxing process for tense and tired eyes. Along with this, the dark circles under the eyes are also reduced by its use and the skin becomes soft and attractive. At the same time, daily use of rose water also maintains the moisture of the eyes.

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8. Cold milk:

Milk is also a very effective way to remove eye pain and fatigue. The fat present in milk is very beneficial for semolina and tired eyes. For use, dip a medium sized cotton ball in cold milk for some time and then massage it gently around the eyes. While massaging, close the eyelids for a while.

9. Vitamin E oil:

Take cold water in a bowl and add few drops of Vitamin E oil to it. Mix it well. Soak this mixture in cotton and keep it on the eyes for 20 minutes, it will give relief in swelling around the eyes.

10. Cold spoon:

Eye puffiness can be removed with a glass of cold water and four spoons. Take ice cold water in a glass. Cool it by adding two spoons and then keep it on the eyes. After this, keep the remaining two spoons to cool. Follow this process till you get relief. This also gives you instant relief.

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11. Do not let the lack of water in the body:

Don’t let the lack of water in your body. Drink at least 6-7 liters of water a day. This is a major cause of swelling in the eyes.

12. Makeup:

Apart from these remedies, you can get rid of puffy-eyes instantly through makeup. Concealer, anti-puffiness eye-cream, under-eye patches, etc. products can also remove swelling of the eyes immediately, but use them only with the advice of a doctor.

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