How to get instant relief in period pain

Women often face a lot of pain problems during periods, even though there are alternatives to pain killer medications for quick relief from this problem, but sometimes women hesitate to take these medications from a medical consultation, such There are many home remedies for the relief of this problem which can be adopted to ease the severe pain during menstruation. They neither have any side effects nor are they more expensive.

Home remedies for instant relief in period (menstruation)-

Hot water bag-

To relieve period pain, soak the stomach and waist with a bag of warm water. This will give instant relief.


Many times women experience more pain due to inadequate flow during periods. Papaya consumption is a great option. Due to its use, the flow during periods is in a balanced manner so that there is no pain.


Often during periods there is an increase in gastric problems in women, due to which there is a severe pain in the stomach. Consuming celery is very effective in dealing with it. Mixing half a teaspoon of celery and half a teaspoon of salt and drinking it with lukewarm water can provide immediate relief from pain. Apart from this, during periods, drinking celery with beetroot, carrot and cucumber does not hurt.


Consumption of ginger during period pain also provides immediate relief. Finely chop a piece of ginger in a cup of water and boil it. If desired, add sugar as per taste. Drink it three times a day after meals.


Basil is one of the best natural pain killers that can be used in the pain of periods. The Caffeic acid present in it gives relief in pain. In such a situation, drinking basil leaves mixed with tea at the time of pain also provides relief. Boil 7-8 leaves of basil in half a cup of water and filter it, if you have more problems.

Dairy Products-

Consumption of milk and milk products is very important for women. Women who lack calcium in their body have more problems related to menstruation. In such a situation, not only periods but always milk and dairy products are very important for women because they are rich in calcium.

Sesame oil massage

Massaging the lower abdomen with sesame oil can relieve the pain of pirids. It is full of linoleic acid, anti-inflammatory elements and anti-oxidant elements, which can relieve those days of pain

Cumin –

Cumin water or tea are also helpful in relieving pain in those days. You can use it by boiling cumin seeds in water. It will also relieve the stiffness of the cells.

Ginger and Pepper Tea –

Drinking tea with dried ginger and black pepper will also be helpful in reducing pain. Rather it will also make a difference in the irregularity of periods.

Exercise –

Walking barefoot in particular is helpful in relieving pain during such times. Actually it affects your blood circulation as well as activates the releasing hormones. Apart from this, Yogasanas are also beneficial.

Do not consume these foods during period (menstruation)-

Avoiding junk food-

Junk food, soda, drink, fast food, fried dishes, things with eggplant disorders during menstruation, can increase menstrual pain disorder. It is beneficial for women who like coffee, chocolate, candy, soda drinks, drinks, etc. to avoid it for some time during periods.

Avoiding drugs –

Periods can be very dangerous for women who like drugs. Which is the fear of causing blood loss, fast bleeding, tumors, cancerous lumps. Alcoholic beers, etc., can cause dehydration during periods. Therefore it is necessary to avoid intoxicating things.

Avoiding hot food items-

During the periods, hot food items, brinjal, egg, pumpkin, meat, potatoes, hot spices and heavy weight should be avoided.


Eating fish, peeling, especially salmon fish in menstruation is beneficial, but consume fish in limited quantity.

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