How to Be Safe from Corona Infection and Take Care of Your Health at Home

At this time, the whole world is in the grip of Covid-19 epidemic, all countries were lock down in different parts, although now the lock-down is slowly getting exempted but is still not allowed to exit, many people have become so bored that they have started having problems like mental stress and due to lack of physical activity, obesity problem is also increasing. We will tell you that how you can safely put the entire focus of your life with this transition Let us learn how

How to lose weight by staying at home –

The human body is also like a bank, if more is deposited in it and less is spent, then the bank balance keeps increasing, just like if we eat more food and do not have physical activity then we start having problems of obesity, and Nowadays, due to all the family members living together, different types of dishes are made in the house, this can also be a region to increase obesity, so today we will tell you that Are you changing your lifestyle at home can control your weight.

1-Drink green tea at the place of morning milk tea
2-Try not to eat too fried and spicy things
3-Chew the food very comfortably and chew it, this way you will take about 20 to 30 minutes to eat the food. And you will at least eat food.
4-Eat more salad
5-If you eat a teaspoon of cinnamon powder before breakfast in the morning and at night before bed, drink lukewarm water will help you control your weight
6-You can also wake up in the morning and drink lukewarm lemonade. It also helps in controlling your weight.
7-You can make different types of delicious food according to your hobby but make things that are also good for your health and that food is healthy.
8-The most important thing is that you try to do all your small and big works yourself

How to do exercise and yoga-

If you are willing to do exercise and yoga at home, then you have many such applications on Play store and exercise and yoga YouTube channel , with the help of which you can do yoga at home easily by choosing the yoga or exercise according to your choice. It helps you exercise in the right way and there are many applications in mobile that you can choose according to your obesity such as belly fat or whole body fat or Thai fat which you want to reduce and accordingly you can exercise, I will tell you about some apps here below.

How to Increase immunity-

A diet is the biggest weapon to increase immunity. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are helpful in increasing immunity. The amount of food is not too much, but it is necessary to mix all the nutritious properties in the plate. Along with eating, you should also keep in mind that wash hands thoroughly with soap for 20 to 30 seconds and fruit vegetables are also to be clean properly, dont take any types of drugs, take 8 hours of sleep, eat vitamin C rich in food like Amla, Lemon etc., also use ginger in tea, to increase the amount of vitamin D. take 15 -20 minutes of sunlight in the morning , all these things help to increase your immunity.
Keep in mind that all the ingredients used for eating and drinking are well cleaned, as well as the food should be well-known and all people should have nutritious food according to their age and health needs, You should have salad, pulse, dahi, papad, green chilli, seasonal vegetables, roti, rice, all these things are necessary, keep away from fast food, a lot of carb in fast food. we Just need to take only nutritious food

Good chance of de-addiction, if you give up the addiction, you will get benefits-

There is no good sure time to correct a bad habit. From the day you decide to get rid of addiction, the day is good. Lock down is very helpful in getting rid of addiction to tobacco, alcohol and other debilitating . Determination and distance from these products can give better results in expectation

1-On relieving the addiction, the food gets the right taste and the correct digestion and absorption of the nutritious elements are involved.It keeps the various organs of the body active, keeps the blood circulation in order and also improves the immune system and fatty metabolism of a disease. The chances of avoiding infection increases to a great extent
2-In addition to TB, high BP, neuro problem and heart disease, people who get rid of the consumption of tobacco products also helps to avoid cancer on a large scale, if they have suffered from one or more diseases from these people, then by the appropriate doctor quickly The chances of recovery also increase. It also improves the self
3-Getting rid of cigarette gutkha jarda, etc., makes it easier to avoid specific deeds and throat cancer and the starts working properly.
4-People who consume alcohol get rid of it, liver kidney, many diseases of the heart Apart from this, participation in qualitative improvement in diabetes is also greatly improved in their resolve power, which benefits their mental health. Many minor problems are easily overcome.
5-Great benefits of getting rid of Charas, cocaine and heroin addiction. The use of this intoxicating drug is a way of leading a healthy life even for those who are in a state of severe depression and dementia. Opens up of course time takes a little

How to be vigilant asthma patients-

Asthma or respiratory patients need to be very vigilant because Covid -19 infection causes the most adverse effects on the respiratory system

1-use masks to avoid dirt and dust particles.
2-Stay away from the Smoke.
3-Keep away from people who are suffering from colds or flu,
4- Dont share your household items like Glass, Cup and towels etc.
5- keep light switch, cell phone, doorbell etc. clean
6-Regularly consume the medicines on time by adopting the treatment prescribed by the doctor
7-Eat a nutritious and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
8-Instead of getting out of the house, shop online.
9-Continue using your regular inhaler, nose sprays and anti-allergy tablets.
10-Walk in the terrace or lobby.
11-If you feel more problems then contact the doctor.

Keep care of eyes-

You can also become a victim of corona virus through the eyes, that is why doctors are prompting you to remember to wash your hands before doing anything, as a precaution we have to take care of this along with applying a mask. That is to avoid touching the mouth, nose, eyes repeatedly with the hand because the virus is so active that it can infect through any of these, in the infected person’s eye it Ayrs come itching, redness, pain light watering, may last several days, etc Problems occur
In this season, there are problems in the eyes like allergies, redness, spring cutters, etc. If this type of problem occurs, do not panic, consult the doctor.
Because having such symptoms does not mean that you are infected with corona, such problems also occur in the eyes even during normal days, so you should….
1-Avoid rubbing the eyes
2-wash the eyes three to four times with cold water.
3-Use Good quality of eyeglasses, it will protect the eyes from many types of viruses,
4-Get enough sleep,
5-Do not come in contact with blue lights.
6-Do not use mobiles by turning off the lights.
its If you still feel the problem then you can contact the doctor.

Take special care of Mental patients

Mental strength along with immunity is very important in avoiding Covid-19, so be alert and positive and if a member of the house is suffering from psychosis then take special care of it.
1-If you can not go out, then there is no problem, everyone should do Exercise or Yoga together in the evening or morning
2-Enjoy the music, stay positive and give the elderly a chance to laugh and talk.
3-Get enough sleep when you have time
4-Do not talk negatively about the corona
5-Apart from news, watch other TV programs.
6-Everyone has hobbies, so children or elders, let them do whatever they want
7-These days, it is not possible to go to the neighborhood, in such a way, children or depressed household members can put a load of questions, in such a way, explain with love the scolding
8-Take nutritious diet and avoid eating fried roast
9-If there is any change in the mood of the patient, do not delay the treatment. Remember that treatment can be prolonged on the change in the mood of the patient, so maintain a positive atmosphere at home.

Take special care of Thalassemia patients-

Corona infection has maintained an atmosphere of panic in people despite the lock-down so far, according to the data, there are more patients who died, whose have a serious disease or immunity was very weak, of course Covid-19. Infection of Thalassemia patients, this patients requires blood transfusions in short intervals due to lack of blood formation. The body is physically weak and there is dryness on the face and immunity is very weak because he also infected with other diseases
Treatment of thalassemia-
1-Thalassemia, keep blood transfusions in time to maintain hemoglobin account 11 to 10 mg in the patient’s body
2-Keep in touch with the doctor regularly to avoid any other infection.
3-Such chronic diseases have a great effect on the mood of the patient, so it is important to keep the home environment pleasant.
4-For parmanent treatment, you can choose bone marrow transplant.

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