Hot Coffee vs Cold coffee, Know which Coffee is Good for Health

Which coffee do you like more? Hot or cold? Well, whatever you like, but only one of them is good for our health. Now you may be desperate to know which of the two coffee is good for you, which has a bad effect on your health. So let’s know.

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Hot Coffee-

If you like to drink hot enough then you should be happy, because the hot brew coffee is better than cold coffee. Studies have shown that hot coffee has more anti-oxidants according to cold coffee. If we take normal amounts of coffee rich in antioxidants, it is good for our health.

Cold Coffee-

Many people consider cold enough to be less acidic than hot. Rather, acidity levels are equal in both cold and hot coffees. If you also thought that the cold is very acidic then it is not so.
In the end, we would like to tell you that cold coffee has too many caffeine concentrations, so people who have trouble getting sleep should avoid drinking it and if you are drinking then at least four hours before going to bed drink it.

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