Homemade Serum, Get rid of Dry skin in a Minute

The first effect appears on the skin as winter comes. The moisture of the skin starts decreasing, which creates dryness. It causes problems of itchiness, as well as several problems related to skin related problems .Although many types of moisturizers are available in the market, but everyone knows that glycerin has no match for moisturizing the skin. But putting it straight, the skin becomes viscous, which also affects the look. To avoid this, you can mix some things with glycerine and make a syringe.

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Lemon and rose water are great options for reducing the viscosity of glycerin and its moisturizing properties properly.

Rose water contains phenylethanol which is a great natural estridge. It also helps to overcome many other problems related to skin. Lemon works as a perfect bleaching agent and reduces its viscosity when combined with glycerin.

Mix 5 drop glycerin in 20 ml of rose water to make a syringe. Put a whole lemon juice in it. Mix the mix well and put it in any bottle. Shake well and just the tip of your skin to remove the dryness is ready.

If you have a lot of dry skin then in this mix you can add some vitamins and capsules along with a few drops of glycerin. If you want, then mix the mixture in the spray bottle and spray this mix on the face whenever you want.

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