Home remedy of hemorrhoids

Piles or hemorrhoids are such a disease In which the inner part or outer part of the anus, it becomes like wart. Many times blood is released from these wounds and pain is also there. It causes a lot of trouble to humans.

Why is hemorrhoids Problem-

However, due to diet and lifestyle, most people have problems with Piles but there may also be genetic, family history.

Reasons for having hemorrhoids-

Constipation-This is the biggest reason for having piles. Due acidity or stomach problems.

Sitting work- Piles can be a problem even if there is work to stay for a long time.

Pregnancy- There is a problem of digestion during pregnancy. This can lead to many women having piles.

Lifestyle- Cigarettes, alcohol, junk food and so on, too, reduces the digi- structure and can be hemorrhoids.

Family history- If someone is having problems in the family, then it is likely to be in Next Generation too.


Remedies for Removing Hemorrhoids-

1.Fry the neem leaves in ghee and put a little camphor in it and put it on the wounds of hemorrhoids.

2.Taking half teaspoon myrobalan powder daily with lukewarm water will help in the problem of hemorrhoids.

3.Take black pepper and black cumin powder with half teaspoon of honey daily. it will help in the problem of hemorrhoids.

4.Grinding gourd leaves, apply on wart  it fall in a few days.

5.Grinding basil leaves with water and putting them on wart   provides relief in irritation. Wart is fine.

6.Grind tea leaves and make paste and heat and apply them on the wart. In a few days the wart will dry up.

7.The use of black sesame seeds with a bowl of yogurt is beneficial in the problem of murderous Piles

8.Grinding Mehndi leaves in water and putting it on wart, the wart dries in a few days.

9.Roast the raw onion on a low flame and making a paste, applying it to wart dries in a few days.

10.Triphala powder should take . By taking this for a few days, hemorrhagic disease is cured soon.


What should eat-

1.Radish should be taken regularly, it helps in healing piles.

2.Banana needs to be eaten while sleeping at night and the patient gets very much benefit.

3.The patient should eat 2 well figs in the morning and evening and drink the water.

4.Take 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds daily with cold water, hemorrhoids are cured within a few days.

5.Green vegetables should eat ladies’ fingers, Banana, Radish, Carrot, gourd, cabbage, Spinach, Leaf cabbage, Soya.

6.Ripe papaya, ripe bell, apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, seasonal fruits, raisins,  fig, coconut, orange, mango,      pomegranate food is beneficial in hemorrhoids.

7.Soak 100 grams of raisins in the night and let it melt it in the same water in the morning. hemorrhoids of this disease are cured after a few days after consuming this water.

8.Wheat flour, old rice, gram, peanut, buttermilk, should be taken regularly.

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