Home remedies for Acidity and burning in the Stomach

If our body starts to become acid excess then this problem is called acidity. Its main symptoms are irritation of the stomach and respiratory tract, decreased appetite, loss of appetite etc. Indigestion is complained. The person experiences irritation in his chest and throat. After eating food, symptoms of acidity often increase. By taking an acid-reducing substance or medicines, one comes comfortably. But once again the wrath of the pains occurs then the disease increases.

In this person looks healthy but it remains batchy. After having acidity problems the body gets stomach heavily heavy after eating the body. By not making Upay at the right time, this problem increases due to ulceration and gradually we begin to feel like our stomach load.

The problem of acidity is born due to the heavy eating habits of the modern age, the habit of drinking tea frequently, spoiled form of food, packaged food, sour food intake etc.

Patients who come to life in this disease become acidic, due to which the nutritious part of the dietary juice gets distorted and the digestion system gets worse.

Reason for acidity

  1. Changing Lifestyle
  2. Waking up to a late night,
  3. Eating unheeded food,
  4. spicy food
  5. Stomach problem

Symptoms of acidity-

Symptoms of acidity like irritation of the chest or chest, difficulty in breathing, sour water in the mouth and sour dirt, feeling nervous and vomiting, stomach burning and pain, feeling constant irritation in the throat, flatulence etc. The symptoms are.

Home remedies-

  1. Basil-

The consumption of basil leaves or its extracts by balancing the digestive juices of the stomach removes many of the stomach disorders. Four leaves of polis are acidic control by chewing an empty stomach in the morning.

  1. Cinnamon

Dal sugar is a natural medicine. If half a teaspoon of dal sugar boil a glass of water. If it is cooled, drinking one cup three times a day gives relief in stomach acidity.

  1. Buttermilk-

Buttermilk is a very beneficial beverage, it has a balanced amount of lactic acid, which keeps the stomach acidity balanced. Adding a little rock salt in the cold buttermilk gives plenty of relief to the stomach.

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  1. Cumin seeds-

Cumin is an excellent acetic killer, it neutralize acids by digestion of digestion, it also receives gas disinfectant properties. If the powder of roasted cumin seeds is consumed with half a glass of water after food, then there is a lot of relief in diseases such as acidity, indigestion and gas.

  1. Coconut water-

Consumption of coconut water also provides a lot of relief on acidity. It is also very beneficial for health.

  1. Ginger-

Gutter juice has the ability to reduce abdominal irritation by neutralizing stomach acid. The acidity disappears by chewing some pieces of ginger at the time of acidity.

  1. Jaggery

Sucking a small piece of jaggery stuck in the mouth gives relief in stomach acidicity.

  1. Fennel-

Fennel is an antidepressant substance, its element reduces acidity by affecting the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Therefore chewing it after eating it gives relief in the disease.

  1. Cold milk-

Milk contains calcium, which has the power to control the amount of acid in the stomach. Therefore drinking half a glass of cold milk provides relief immediately from acidity.

  1. Black pepper-

Drink a pinch of black pepper powder and half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water, and drinking empty stomach daily daily eliminates the problem of acidity.


No disease is ever short and neither can it be ignored by ignoring it. Because sometimes these small diseases take the form of a major disease and wash their hands due to slight negligence. Therefore, keep the cause and symptoms of these diseases so that due to the knowledge of this information, at the right time, can immediately preserve a life by taking medical advice.

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