Holi colors will not harm for hair, follow these 5 tips

The festival of colors is only a few days left in Holi. Everyone has a lot of enthusiasm about Holi. People celebrate Holi with many different colors on this festival. The chemicals present in these colors can harm your skin as well as your hair. That’s why we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you can save your hair from being harmed by Holi’s chemical-based colors.

Holi Hair care 5 tips-

1. Before playing Holi, cover your hair with the help of a scarf. In this way dry color will be saved from the roots of your hair. Scarves are also in fashion nowadays, wearing scarves will make you look good and your hair will also be safe.

2. Before playing Holi, put oil in the hair like skin. It is better to massage you with oil in the night before you massage. Oil works as a protective layer on hair, preventing your hair from being damaged.

3. If you have a sensitive scalp, mix lemon juice in the oil. This will not cause any type of infection in Scalp.

4. Men’s hair is small, so the colors are easily removed from their hair. But long hair of women can harm the colors of Holi. Therefore, instead of opening hair on holi, keep them tied.

5. Do not put any hair accessories in your hair while playing Holi, because they can get entangled in hair due to the colors, due to which the hair starts breaking down.

How to Remove Hair Color After Holi-

1. Never wash the colors in your hair in hot water with warm water. Always wash your hair with cold or normal water.

2. Use a herbal shampoo instead of a chemical shampoo. Clean the color of the hair slowly For this, massage your head with your fingers.

3. Massage your hair from Aloe vera gel. Wash the hair after 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Hair color becomes very pale and lifeless with Holi colors. Hair spas can be made to soften hair.

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