Hema Malini Know interesting things related to ‘Dream Girl’

Mumbai. Dream Girl is Hema Malini’s birthday on October 16. This year Hema has turned 70 years old. At this age her magic also maintained. He has a different identity even in the social and political field, from the movies.

Hema Malini’s first movie was released in the year 1961. The name was ‘Pandav Bahavansan’. Hema played a dancer in this Telugu film. Hema was the first Hindi movie ‘Sapano Ka Saudagar’ (1968) in which Hema was made of Raj Kapoor’s heroine. At that time, 20-year-old Hema Rajkopar was 24 years younger at age.


Hema Malini Born in Chennai, education was the same. History is their favorite subject. But, he could not even finish his school studies. Because they were getting offers for films continuously. Hema started her career at just 14 years of age.

Last year, on the occasion of his birthday, his biography also came. Hema’s biography is ‘Beyond The Dream Girl’. Hema’s biography has been written by former eminent editor and producer Ram Kamal Mukherjee. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written very brief, accurate and sweet words as an introduction to Hema Malini’s official biography ‘Beyond the Dreamgirl’.

Do you know that Hema Malini loved Jindendra and Sanjeev Kumar besides Dharmendra and wanted to marry him. There were also reports in between that Jitendra and Hema Malini decided to get married and they are in Chennai. Romance was also going on with Jitendra’s own Shobha (current wife) at that time. As soon as he got to know Dharmendra reached Madras with Shobha and called it, Shobha gave a furore whereby Jindendra and Hema could not get married. Dharmendra later married Hema Malini. Let Hema Malini marry famous actor Dharmendra in 1980.

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