Healthy Diet Plan of Working Women

After taking care of all the members of the house, proving yourself in the office is not less than a challenge. In such cases, women often compromise their diet, but it is very important for working women to take a perfect diet chart. In such cases, women should eat something that contains nutrients and nutrients in abundance. Today we are telling a diet chart for working women who will help them keep fit and they will also get all the essential nutrients.

Take light breakfast-

In the haste of work, women are forgot to take breakfast , while breakfast is very important to keep energy. Before breakfast, you can eat milk, porridge, cornflakes or sandwiches etc. Breakfast like apple, papaya, and strawberry is very beneficial for vitamin A. fruits. If there is no time, one can also take a glass of milk and any fruit. Take lukewarm water in between.

Green vegetables or egg in lunch-

Work is done, so lunch is often done in the office. Keep in mind that there is a difference of 4 hours in breakfast and lunch. Add vegetables, lentil, curd and chapati to your lunch. Eat green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, or cooked paneer in low oil, not only will increase the test but also be beneficial. Surely eat salad in the luncheon. If you eat Egg, instead of green vegetable and lentils, you can eat egg beggars. Eat capsicum, cucumber, cucumber, salad leaf, raisins and a little lemon in salad.

Eat breakfast snacks-

After eating food, hunger with evening tea goes on. Keep some fruit or sprouts with you in such a way. Biscuit food with fruit chat or vitamins will also be beneficial. During this, you will eat a handful of dry fruits.

Do not eat more in dinner-

Dinner should always be eaten by two or two and a half hours before sleeping. This gives full time to digesting food. Do not sleep at night or eat without food. Do not eat more fried roast things in the food. Try to eat wheat gram chapati and less spiced vegetables. Such food is easy to digest and it gives energy to the body. You can also consume milk before sleeping at night.

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