Health tips for

Health tips for Mens

Modern lifestyle is putting a negative impact on men’s health. In such a case, men should be conscious about their health, before any habit of their catering or daily life becomes expensive after them. If you are not aware of your health right now, then you will have to face some other disease. So let’s know the tips that are useful for men.

Junk Food –

Regular intake of junk food reduces the quality of sperm. So if junk food is part of your daily diet, then you should change your habit as soon as possible.
You must include two Bananas in your breakfast. Bananas to do your work all day long
Will maintain energy and keep you away from many heart diseases as well.

Exercise –

Trying to keep yourself healthy without exercise or walk is a silly endeavor, so if you want to keep yourself healthy, then exercise or walk in your daily life must be done.

Soda, coffee, red meat-

Eat soda, coffee, red meat, chips, etc. occasionally. Because regular consumption of them will harm you. Use good quality oils in the food. Poor quality oils are harmful to men.


Obesity also has negative effects on men’s sexual ability, so keep yourself away from obesity. If you do not have time to do the exercise, instead of lift in the home and office
Use the stairs. Join seasonal fruits and seasonal vegetables in your food. This habit will play an important role in keeping you healthy.


Must have breakfast in the morning, and keep in mind that dinner should be light. Dinner should be done at 8 o’clock. The same person can be healthy, who wakes up early in the morning. So if you have a habit of rising too late, then soon change your habit

Important  tips –

1-Make a part of your food to salads and sprouted grains.
2-Do not eat both bread and rice at a time while eating.
3-Massage the oils of the oils at least 3 times in the hair and whole body.
4-Do not take responsibility of others unnecessarily, do not be a money-making machine ….
5-Visit and also take time for other activities. Give yourself Sunday time.
6-Do not work on placing the laptop on the thighs, it has a negative effect on the viral capacity.
You can also become impotent with it.